Way to much of the same loot in Veteran

Not played the game since launch and when i played it with a friend over the weekend i had a VERY HIGH frequency of duplicates when it came to epic drops.

Almost a 1/3 was in some manner an item i already got. Is this intended? How am i ever gonna get even a small set completed when most of the drops i get are something I’ve already got. Is the item pool that small for what ever reason that this happens?

Anyone else been thinking about it?

One day you get dupes, one day you might be surprised you’ll get what u need… :rolleyes:

Yeah sure but this is insane. How do i get dupes of the same item 3 times? The chance for that must be soo small

I am still convinced that the system is broken. I found 2 havocs in total, both with 10 minutes in between. Same for markovians breastplate, golemborns, etc.

They almost always drop in pairs, then not at all for a long time.

You did not pray enough to RNGesus.

The drops are pure RNG, so it doesn’t check to see if you’ve had that drop before…it simply rolls a random number…and due to random numbers…yes you can get the same item drop multiple times…or not see it for ages.

haha but this is true it’s all RNG so pray to the RNG gods that items change haha

You got dupes and you see something wrong. I see dupes, and I see chances to trade for something else. Or chances to get materia I need.

In my last game session I got like 3 Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh. I take that as a hint from RNGesus telling me that is time to make a pet char. Thank you RNGesus :cool:.

I am by no means an it guy, but afaik a true rng is impossible without an external,white noise generator. So as long as the rng is working without that, there has to be some kind of seed that makes up for it. And that can be broken and seems very much broken, otherwise double or triple drops would be significantly lower. Especially as many legendaries drop twice in a row and the never again

It can’t be true RNG , it has to be weighted so rarer items don’t drop as often surely .

first of all, I rarely get duplicate drops, second if something in an RNG is broken, it is the logic how to get the next number, not the seed. Third, the RNG is used for much more than item drops, so there is next to no chance you would even be able to tell if it works correctly or not.

Finally, the RNG uses some well established simple algorithm, nothing is broken here.

If something is, it is the loot tables, not the RNG. What level are you ? Maybe that significantly limits what can drop for you…

Take the 10th decimal of whatever voltage you have access to as a programmer. That should be random enough :stuck_out_tongue:

It is weighted.

I would have thought that was apparent, by now.

Some shoulders and jewelry pieces are stupid rare compared to other items of the same caliber.

In short… you gon’ git tons of GD Nagels (if not bat), and feel like you shop Manalds.

And then there are the hard coded drop rates.

Alkamos rings are… 1%.

Which makes my 6 Dreads and zero Anguishes all the sadder.

that does not mean it is not a true RNG. Take two dice, you get nothing if the total is 7 or less, a yellow item if the total is 8 or greater, a green item if it is 11, a unique if it is 12.

Still a true RNG but with a weighted result. This is pretty much how GD handles it, with the loot tables telling you what rarity should drop with what probability

get used to it. The loot tables suck ass. YOu just keep getting the same crap over and over again. Every so often you get a good legendary but don’t even think about completing any 5 piece sets unless you are extremely lucky or play 23 hours a day

I get dupes like crazy. Think it’s how they coded the maps. Certain items drop in certain places. Do the same areas, get the same items basically.