We also seriously need buffs to bleed/pierce damage

I don’t think an explanation is even required for people to understand why.

Ideal solution IMO would be new sets.

ok that sounds like a very good and detailed solution “the new sets” :rolleyes:

Sets this, sets that. Boring. Try something more flexible.

There can be no real solution for bleeds because there is zero conversion to bleed, and there is literally only one set to it.

When have I ever pushed for a new set? I’ve only ever recommended changes to the current status quo.

Perhaps you are unfairly projecting your perspective onto me.

they are two weirds damage type to be honest. no counterparts (full flat or full dot), weird conversion (like you said no conversion from/to bleed, piercing being conversed last from physical for weapons…).

also pierce damage is mostly the realms of two masteries wich favorize dw gameplay (NB) and ranged/caster (Inqui) - and pierce caster isn’t very easy to build either. that’s why the attempt to give 2H pierce doesn’t seem successful atm (i’d be happily proven wrong, Naadaan sword is an item i’d like to see shine).

You’re right. 2H pierce is in a terrible state. I’ve even tried making a pierce EoR dervish with twin reavers but that’s a zero sum game.

You are forced to choose 2 of the 4: OA/DA, respectable damage, healthily overcapped resistances, sufficient HP pool

The only solution to this is to use unrealistic greens, in which case you might as well just gdstash a better character.

There are 2 pierce sets which are viable right now:

  • Valdun set (which is not a bad set, but it isn’t good either)
  • Belgo’s slaughter (this set is amazing)

Rimetongue set can be forced into a pierce set, but it’s really a cold based set.

Same with runebinder’s - I actually made a meme valdun infiltrator using runebinder’s crossbow with 2x bladetwisters and pack of treacherous means.

Wasn’t anything special and you have next to 0 skill points.

I can’t even imagine what the state of bleed must be like since I don’t play bleed builds.

Your threads are very serious:P

But yes, it’s sometimes odd to synergize some builds.

You have Bloodrager and Blood knight who is an odd fellow for bleed.

Some seemingly unfinished concepts like Bleed judgement and Baldir set.

Both give fire>phys conversion but are bleed. It’s all weird


I just think something needs to be done about the whole warlord craze, and a good alternative solution (rather than nerfing the WL) is to make other damage types attractive, just like they did with chaos.

Bleeding is actually my favorite damage type. We need 20 new sets, at least, Soldier/Oathkeeper, Oathkeeper/Occultist, Fuck Shaman and maybe some “global” sets like Clairvoyant or Shattered Realm (it’d need built-in RR, though, not too much). Would be also fun to have sets that allow other, fancy combinations, like Nightblade + Necromancer or Arcanist + Demolitionist… wait, this makes no sense at all… but anyway, we do need more bleeding support because it has one damn (good) set. Oh, and we only see tricksters using this set, mostly.

He is right. There is exactly 1 Bleeding Set in the whole game. No, Korba and Bloodknight aren´t Bleeding Sets.

Agree with the new sets, disagree with giving Warlords more love.

Have bleeding sets aimed at struggling builds like the witch hunter instead,

In general, build enabling sets is a conceptually flawed approach. It’s called pigeonholding.
We’d rather have improved MIs and affixes, even transmuters.
That said, I admire Crate for putting more and more rare items with transmuters or + to skills, into the game

In particular, pierce/bleed is a meme build, ever was. Not just because unsupported by sets, it simply lacks any kind of targeted item support, of any rarity.
This build is literally impossible to get put into play without GDstash, it’s about crafting certain rare bases of certain affix combinations.
Farming these is out of question to protect player’s sanity, any other epics and legs are basically a band aid, as they typically support either bleed or bleed/phys, pierce/bleed is almost nowhere to be found.

In conclusion, pierce/bleed rather needs improved item and affix support in general, than build enabling sets.

I don´t think SirSpankalot was talking about Pierce/Bleed hybrids.

I think this “/” means “and”.

I can’t comment on bleed damage, so please limit my response as a reply to everything else besides that.

I personally like the concepts of sets. The introduction of skill modifiers has radically changed the way GD operates. There is no real pidgeon-holing involved because you the player are not required to complete an entire set.

With the exception of a few builds like the darkblaze pyro, you will see builds using a mishmash of incomplete sets just as often as you will see one using a full set.

Great example - FW octavius can be used with the shield, or with a 2H melee weapon.

EDIT: Thanks for clarifying that for me Rhylthar :smiley:

I mean, it doesn’t really matter if Warlords are loved too much, tbh, unless the set is not OP as fuck, it can get it. It’s not that warlord in general is just OP or something, builds themselves are not OP, but the sets make them OP. However, if a Warlord bleeding set was created, then no additional RR for bleeding should be added and the set should be focused on a tanky-ish play style (Warlords can pull off 105 bleeding RR if Celestial presence is overcapped to 22). However, bleeding is rather a kiting damage type, so I could agree that we don’t need a warlord set at this point. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess my hesitation with giving the WL more sets is how it might impact build diversity.

Just look at the proportion of guides being posted/questions being asked. The vast majority pertain to the warlord. :confused:

However, bleeding is rather a kiting damage type, so I could agree that we don’t need a warlord set at this point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, till Shard 75, I think Shoot2033 will disagree with you (and I will, too).

The “problem” with Bloodrager Set is that it is an “old” set. All boni are for either Soldier or Shaman (as in “Warder”), Trickster can use it because of Shaman and the godly support of Bloodsong. No Oathkeeper Support, no Nightblade Support…and all but one skill modifier go to either Savagery or Blade Arc. Btw.: No Physical Resistance on this set (like 15 % in Blood Knight…).

What this set really makes outstanding (other than being the only one) is the full set bonus. This is great in campaign and in Crucible, in SR (if no trash mobs are spawned in boss fights) it is nearly useless.

I already made 2 Bleeding Warlord Builds but have no time to test them. I don´t think they will outperform any of the top-tier builds, but both should be fun to play (need a new piloting job, Spanks?).

It will be interesting to see set that supports pierce/bleeding hybrid for RoS.Also for pure bleeding more support like Dervish or shockingly WH.


Replace acid with “whatever you’re yelling about this time”.

At his defense:
I have posted some of these things in another section and will collect more if mentioned here. :wink: