We need food

Yeah Cross the Bridge near Twin Falls to Enter Homestead (Or) Traval through Smuggler’s Pass.

I now have 3 Character at 85 couple more that have done Normal and I just did pass there with another new guy…I guess this is something that remains from an old version of the game? Shouldn’t that option of Crossing the bridge either disapear or get check at one point with a “You can’t do it” or I’m purely stupid and still haven’t realised something about that part of the game and you can actually cross that bridge and I’ve been making the long trip everytime?

You missed nothing, it’s just a kinda dumb thing they did to get you to think there was ever an option and maybe talk to another NPC.

I think they should give you an option (quest?) to rebuild the bridge once you get to Homestead.

Been said before. The devs rebuilt that area some time ago and it made repairing the bridge impossible. Plus it would make it too easy to farm Tyran’ts Hold.

we might be able to repair this in the expansion, but I am afraid that a better access here might scare the celestial smith away since like medea said people will be flocking to him to avail of his divine smithwork… unless if he’s a money whore! :rolleyes:

  • edit: smithy might even finance the bridge repair himself.

I used to be in favor of repairing the bridge but seeing how the celestial smith is there i’d rather we not do so

Unless of course they move the smith but then that’d make Tyrant’s Hold almost useless

Also anyone have any clue which region (on the map) will the expansion be set in?

Old Grove has been cancelled, Malmouth/Erulan is probably the city north of Burwitch past Ugdenbog

I thought it was mentioned in a thread somewhere that it was northeast of Burrwitch. Which suggest being able to clear the debris blocking the road by the house you find the inventor’s apprentice in. Just a guess on that though.

Ok so I understand it is impossible (this is what I was thinking) why when you get to Twins Fall one of those NPC fighting undead just doesn’t tell you The bridge has been destroyed it is impossible to reach Homestead from here. If you really want to reach it you will have to go throught Mountain Deeps and it is a very dangerous area.

Instead of having an Or Quest. You start with Cross the bridge once you reach those guy it check the Cross the Bridge (quest done!) and give you the only choice as being the new Quest.

That Or is kinda stupid and misleading and Crate wouldn’t even have to add a character or anything to change it. A new text on those guys (that are right now useless) or at worst a prop when you kill the Undead that are fighting them saying the Bridge can’t be repaired you need to make the round trip.

That is precisely what the Rover just before the bridge tells you, and why he is there.

We left it as an or quest for two reasons: from a story perspective, it makes sense for this amount of information to be available to you. But more importantly, editing quests while players have access to them is risky and can break people’s characters.

We only do it as an absolutely last resort and frequently have to come up with hotfixes to restore players’ quest progress (if you ever extract the game’s lua files, you’ll find a variety of such functions made over the years). That was one of the bigger downsides of open development that we had.

I agree with the point about the story perspective that “at this moment” (When Barnabas give you the quest actually) it does make sense that in DC we don’t have that information.
The Rovers giving you the information should probly “Check Mark” the quest as having been progresses. I understand that (not changing it) might have been a Technical decision to not risk anything with existing character.

Thanks Zantai for your presence

I understand the reason for having the troll-y “Or” bit and found it amusing in my first couple playthroughs.

If the bridge cannot be repaired for coding reasons that’s A-OK with me, but if the reason is to limit access to the celestial smith then I really don’t think that that is a super important deal, considering he is only there to redeem bloods/brains/hearts for gear, not give you free stuff or provide the player with an easy way to farm rare mats. What would the point of having him far away from a portal even be? To make people fight Mogara because she is sort of on the way?

I still don’t like “Too Late to the Rescue”. The name is a major turn off for a first playthrough

I second that. There should be a way (maybe hidden, maybe difficult) to get a different outcome.