We need ingame fps limiter asap

Hello All.

Yes, I did search before starting 1 more thread.

2015 thread: /showthread.php?t=21088

2017 thread: /showthread.php?t=49313

But the problem is still here, Vcard power consumption is too high (over 1000 fps, 100-110% power consumption) in main menu, loading screens and empty areas (when I clean 'em from mobs) .

Lowering game settings did some job, but it still goes above 100% power with 1000+ fps.

I would like to have in-game limiter with 60/120/144 FPS marks. (My display can 180 hz), like other games do. You already have one limiter for background FPS, make one more for general FPS in some update.

V-sync is not an option for me, same as 3rd party limiters, I don’t wanna download 3rd party soft to enjoy your game.


i recommend for now you use rivatuner statistics server program, at least until crate implement your suggestion.
you need to play in window mode though to monitor the fps limit, the game’s fps, and your cpu temperature.

i’ve just been recently using it for gd, and it does wonder for my poor laptop.
it is an essential tool for avoiding overheat shutdown.

however, the specific fps limit numbers needed for every games vary.
i need 21 fps limit in gd to avoid overheat shutdown for my laptop.

so… experiment with the fps limit numbers, while monitoring your cpu temperatures in side window using 3rd party applications,
until you find the safe numbers to play gd.

this means, for all application and games, user should monitor and balance the fps and cpu temperature to preserve their hardware
while finding the optimal tweak with viable performance.

your statement about fps number blasting into the moon when traveling through empty/cleared areas happens to me too,
and it can lead to overheating.
crowded battles with massive effects everywhere for some reason have lower probability to overheat for me compared to situation above.

you have a good suggestion, i hope gd can have 20~30 or higher fps limit in options.
the difference between 30~60 fps is barely noticeable anyway for me.
poor users doesn’t care about shadows or anti-aliasing or whatever.
we just want smooth gameplay with decent graphics.

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Thanks for your support and your points!

I use MSI Afterburner, it gave all info needed and the issue is unnecessary V-card power consumption in case of unlimited FPS mode.

Normally the game runs smoothly in 80-144 FPS range, town hubs and fights are there.

When I clean the area and stay there while AFK to drink coffee - it bursts to 300+ FPS with unnecessary V-card power consumption.

Loading screens (with GD logo) - 2000+ FPS with 100+ % V-card power consumption.

Changing graphic settings didn’t solve the problem cause loading screens still bursts to 2000-3000 FPS.

It looks like a defect (or even more unconnected defects with clean areas case).

People who have an alternative to V-sync forced to stay in V-sync mode (or use 3rd party limiters).

And lower limit marks, like 30 FPS, should be there too, I agree with that.

thousands of fps just by idling in empty areas and in loading screen… thats worrying…

anyway, 3rd party fps limiter is the solution for now, until crate agrees with your suggestion. windowed mode is a must though (necessary to monitor the numbers i’ve mentioned).

I’m confused that in your OP above you say you don’t want to have to “install/download” a 3rd party limiter yet you admit to already using MSI Afterburner, which comes bundled with RivaTuner Statistics Server. It’s an optional installation, of course, during the normal installation of Afterburner but Rivatuner has an FPS Limiter baked in. Is it that hard to make the stretch really?

Not that I’m against Crate slapping a Limiter into the options. I’m all for it. I’m just confused by the slight contradiction here.

Cmon Crate, why there are no fps limiter yet? :confused:

Nvidia Inspector it works perfect for me i limited to 30 fps and my game runs smooth

You don’t get the point.

Games do have that type of limiter built in them nowadays. So customers would not mess around with 3rd party limiters.

Like I do with RTSS just to enjoy Grim Dawn.

I’ve seen even worse examples, like Death’s Gambit, which is unplayable for those who have good monitors (unless you manually turn off half of your monitor features) cause shi…lazy devs didn’t care of high refresh rate and sync technologies.

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Yeah i know what you are talking about and i got your point, the game needs a fps limiter option so that’s why i got the Nvidia Inspector with out that on 1280x720 resolution the game is unplayable it stutter all the time i don’t have a powerful pc.
Now i run the game at max setting with some of the effect off like AA Post Processing

This is the most recent thread I seen mentioning this topic but I figured I’d drop this here for future readers that might wander across it:

Nvidia’s latest update now features a built-in FPS limiter that you can set per game, any game.

Dunno about AMD tho… if not now, perhaps in the future.


AMDs had radeon chill for a few years now