It’d be nice if after all balance is set and content finished Crate focuses a little on extending the lore on some aspects of the game. They crafted a very interesting world in GD that I’m eager to learn more about.

I’d like some extra lore about the nemesis of each faction, per example. I remember reading a Grim Misadventure introducing Fabius and Moosie where Zantai described their backstories. I thought they were pretty cool (specially Fabius’s). The only problem is that you can’t learn those backstories in-game, so for most people Fabius is just a random mook somehow stronger than Cronley. And I think it’s really a waste.

My suggestion is to add a lorenote with some lore about each Nemesis that drops from them or their chests. Come on! Fabius didn’t murder his bosses only to get his backstory completely ignored!

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Ah, but that might be something we only find out in a GD2, who knows.

Maybe, but I don’t think that adding some extra lorenotes would be that much work :sweat_smile:

Perhaps in a Loyalist pack #3? :wink:

i didn’t know fabius has backstory in grim misadventures. now i have to read from the oldest to the newest misadventures thanks to you op.

what lore fix we need right now is to have people at friendly towns (other than covenant of the 3) aware of the korvaak threat and his embarrassing defeat by us and the 3 nice witches (especially creed, ulgrim, anasteria & korinia). afaik, only the chosen/vigil, the 3’s temple attendant and mogdrogen (ugdenbog version) is aware of fg’s events. i could be wrong though.

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It’s the GM where Zantai introduced the Nemesis system. Basically, Fabius is a Nightblade that went rogue tired of the political intrigue of the noble houses of Eluran and murdered his contractors. He got captured by Ulgrim and sentenced to death by the gallows. He then met Cronley in prison, who promised him freedom and riches in exchange for working for him.


Just hunted down and read that bit of lore on Fabius… would have been nice to get a excerpt from a journal that pointed us in the direction of his origin. Honestly most of the Nemeses are just speed bump that hardly even concern me anymore. I have more interest in the various types of undead then the strange mini-boss that has no value to me beyond it’s loot… meanwhile I try to imagine just how the magic system of this world works that the undead can be granted such varied strengths as well as forms.

Let’s go a step further!

Monster Log WHEN?!


many arpgs don’t have in game bestiary. if they do, its put in manual or online websites. sites that is most likely created by fans. with fans doing all the calculations for monster stats.
grim dawn does have bestiary though. its scattered in grim misadventures. and its totally incomplete.


I think Fabius in particular in a pretty interesting character. I wonder why he takes orders from Cronely when he could beat him and everyone else with his pinkie, why not take over and rename the faction Fabius’ Gang? Maybe he lacks leadership skills.

And I think it’s pretty funny how long it takes for him to notice the player, you have to slaughter the whole gang several times over before he notice you exist. What was he doing all this time before I reached Nemesis, something more important?

Also I have to respect the fact that he’s a straight edge criminal who does not use aether steroids, proving you do not need to take shortcuts in order to be the best.


It would be epic to have more lore in game, for nemesis bosses, i think it would be cool to have some for the last superboss Cala, the more the better :stuck_out_tongue: