We need new build formats. (Build compedium, build writings, ideas.)

not need to add color
u can use sample in. txt
just put new info and reply with all tags
do not see any difficult with it

my sample with naked BBCode on Google Drive

  • [Caster] [] (g3) (sr+) (vid) [Chillwhisper] [SR+] [No Greens] [No Shrines] [omnitrio]

    • Damage: Cold, Frostburn
    • Active Skills: Word of Renewal, Inquisitir Seal, Rune of HagarradRing of Steal, Pneumatic Burst, Blade Barrier, Blade Spirit
    • Passive Skills: Deadly Aim, Aura of Censure, Veil of Shadow
    • WPS Skills: none

I like turtles.

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I had to try a few times before realising how “space” is important:

star + space for indent 1 and space + space + star for indent 2. Also, no space between the text you want to see being displayed and the hyperlink: text

Can we search for something inside a “details” section ? If not, too bad. If so, that could be a way to make the GDC more appealing to the eye.

I just tested it in my Switcher thread, searching the thread for keywords that were under a ‘Details’ tab and I can confirm:

  • Yes, forum search can see inside ‘Details’.

Go ahead and:

Try it out

Primus - The Air Is Getting Slippery (Lyrics)

It’s incredibly hot in here today, incredibly hot in here
It’s incredibly hot in here today, incredibly hot in here
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My heart, it beats irregularly and the sweat it fills my eyes
I do not mind what I excrete 'cause
I’m here to make a buck
And those that cannot take the heat can take a flying
Forgive me if I hesitate
It’s incredibly hot in here today, incredibly hot in here

The dogs are barking merrily as Jerry sits on high
If you’ve studied your Floyd property, you’d know that pigs could fly
Now if you want an encore you might hear it is luck
But me, I’d rather play Residents, 'cause I don’t give a
Forgive me if I hesitate
It’s incredibly hot in here today, incredibly hot in here

Now, Fatty, he’s a hell of a guy but he sweats like a dancing mule
He likes to hang out at Checker Gas with the Chets he knew from high school
He sold enough crystal meth to buy a stepside truck
But if you ask me twice I’d say the boy ain’t worth a
Forgive me if I hesitate
It’s incredibly hot in here today, incredibly hot in here

The act of perspiration is far beyond control
If the heat compels to aspirate please try not to miss the bowl
If sweatiness makes you horny, well darlin’ I think you’re in luck
'Cause all this clever banter gives me the urge to fuck


Search the thread for some of the words hidden in the ‘Details’.

[Caster] [] (g3) (vid) (sr) Judgment of Doom (Bolt) - Fire Sentinel [Belzzzz]

  • :faction_neutral: Damage: Fire :damage_fire:
  • Active skills: Judgment, Vire’s Might, Ascension, Guardian of Empyrion; Blood of Dreeg, Sigil of Consumption, Doom Bolt, Curse of Frailty; Displacement, Stormfire.
  • Passive skills: Divine Mandate, Resilience, Presence of Virtue; Presence of Might.
  • WPS skills: None
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Some are missing. No :vitality_damage: nor :acid_damage: for instance.
(but yes, these are pretty cool, thank you :crate: and Mr :zantai:

Not so much missing as we took the ones we had made for Steam’s Trading Cards, but I am pestering one of our artists to make the remaining damage types. :grin:

Will we have all abilities available as such ? :ability_name:

Oof, that would take a while.

You guys would have to bribe me with a lot of booze or something. :smile:

or something

I’ve got the collection of your “smile”
we must add them

i’m your biggest fan :grin:

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Would some Swiss chocolate do the trick? :thinking:

It’s because none of them are Anasteria’s Mask emojis… Such wasted potential! :expressionless:

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My god…I can only wonder where these are used.

If we are reworking the build submission format, it would be a good time to drop the clumsy requirement of “WPS Skills: none” and perhaps encourage inclusion of the most important devotion procs.

Or let a Bot do the job for us, like on Discord * subtle look toward Mr Z *

I agree with the WPS Skills: none.

I don’t agree with Devotion. Proc are porc not skills. And sometimes they can be good or not really good. Still hard to do the formating with many skills that a char use. Now Devo…

Yeah, that’s would be good.

Anybody contacted with Veretragna? I don’t want to hurry him. Just curious if he told somethign to somebody?

This is just announcment. But he didn’t say nothing there or here about formating. There are the builds format still broken.