We need to talk about this Wall! [Very Frivolous Post]

So, there is this path with 2 rock walls snaking to Burrwitch coming from the south. You can break certain areas on this wall to go through, acting as a shortcut. Imagine, following this long path, and every piece of wall you break offers a path or little chest to suit your little exploring needs. Further down, there is one particular spot on this wall, I’m almost certain it’s near Moldering Fields, that you can break just for giggles. The wall seems to be double-layered with 1 layer being passable, and the other solid. I’m being very frivolous right now, because even if you could pass through this wall, you’d gain little to none.

So, I’m standing there confused, staring at this wall I just broke that’s being blocked immediately by another wall, and this got me thinking that this may be used for something later on. I’m finishing my last slice of pizza while putting this puzzle together. My second thought was that this may be some trick by the devs to mess with my head, but that changed quickly because I remember somewhere in the lore stating something about the men who built the wall to ease the transportation of goods, prisoners, and Groble slaves, to and from Devil’s Crossing.

The Riftgate system was being developed by Darius at the time, but was shunned due to it’s hazardous faults, thus unreliable. Direni and Ulgrim used to be the co-founders for the walking transportation system. John Bourbon collected a cut for maintaining the grounds in and outside of The Devil’s Cross, or what it was once called. Barnabas was a mercenary of all trades and had hotlinks with soldiers throughout the north, but couldn’t fix water pumps. He and his workers were payed in Royal Jelly that granted access to the prison, for protecting transports.

Darius eventually found a crytal to help stabilize his Riftgate system. Business was booming. Everyone began to use the Riftgate system as a primary method of travel. John, Direni, Ulgrim, and Barnabas profits greatly flopped over the weeks. Their jealousy greeted hatred. One night they devised a plan to kill Darius and take his profits.

One night, as Darius slept, John creeped over to his bed. He was carrying a green shard-like dagger his great grandfather gave him. He was told to never use it as a weapon unless his goal was to better humanity. He struck Darius in the heart, leaving the dagger, running to his quarters in awe for what he had done. Morning came, all 4 baffled to see an ordinary day like any other. Not a single soul knew what happened to Darius or even question his wherabouts. The 4 ventured to his bedding where not a single drop of blood was found. The air began to leave the room as each of their hearts sunk into their chests as they peered at a note that was left, bearing only two words.

Now the pieces were falling into place, it was beginning to make sense, since Darius had experience with building walls. But I’m still confident another party may be involved. Still to this day the wall can be destroyed with another wall blocking the path. The mystery of this breakable wall will be solved. I will update my findings as I explore more on this fascinating subject.

Do we? Or do you simply need to take a screenshot and post the blockage in tbe Bug Reporting section of the forum. :smiley: