%weapon DMG for Supercharged

Curently PRM is underperforming. And Supercharged is the weakest pointeather in whole RPM line. I suggest to put %weapon dmg on it, around 14% for onepointer, 38% at 12/12 and 48% at ultimate rank.

PRM still underperforms, yes, but I feel that the problem doesn’t just lie in lack of %Weapon Damage.

Issues I see…

Mix Ele & Aether:
Exclusive skill only boosts 2 out of 4 dmg types (RP preferred for cast speed)
Lack of RR for Ele AND Aether together

Pure/Mainly Ele:
Exclusive skill, again, either you get cast speed and only boost 1/3, or boost 2/3 and lost cast speed (impt for PRM!)
Many enemies have high Ele resistance
Lack of enough Resist Reduction unless you take Occultist, Elemental Storm can only do so much
The new Invoker’s Elements rings are almost a necessity for pure Ele PRM to get some more damage, by converting from the Aether side

Pure/Mainly Aether:
The only reasonably strong PRM build atm, but that’s also because of how strong Aldritch’s Decree is, with Ele->Aether conversion and its Resist Reduction proc
Reckless Power a good fit, unlike Ele/mixed builds
Arcane Bomb supports well, as Lightning RR is still needed for Electrocute which cannot be converted.

Buffing PRM:
Make the +Fire% modifier on Distortion into +Elemental%
OR remove the +Fire% and add a Ele RR debuff effect/proc

Raise base damage of PRM, especially at higher skill levels. It needs this to scale damage better, because of no Weapon Damage.