Weapon Passive (Ps. I dont know what to put on the title) :P

gonna ask some series of simple questions
(Noob questions)

  1. feral and upheaval how do they stack with each other ?
  2. savagery passive stacks with primal strikes passive?
  3. Markovian’s advantages stack with the 2, savagery and primal strike
  4. Zolhan’s Technique stacks with Markovian’s Savagery and primal strike
  1. Feral and upheaval are both WPS (Weapon pool skills), so are markovian’s and zolhan’s. They stack with each other in the sense that they all add to the pool of possible procs. You can only trigger one WPS per attack however.

Normally if you have 25% on Feral, Markovian’s and Zolhan’s, you have 25/100 chance on each of them. Upheaval is a bit more complicated because it’s a 100% chance to proc on crits. When WPS % goes over 100%, it modifies the denominator, so if you take upheaval, whenever you crit, the chance to proc any WPS becomes x/175.

  1. Savagery and primal strike are completely separate skills,their passives only trigger when you attack with one or the other.

  2. Markovian’s and all WPS works with savagery as it is a basic attack modifier, primal strike is not a basic attack modifier so it does not proc any WPS.

  3. Zolhan’s is a WPS, so it works the same way as explained in 3.

Thank u so much, For clarifying my questions in a well explained form.
i’m fairly new to the game but i have some suggestions for the game because the game is pretty messy for a new player what the heck even for moderate players some skill descriptions are lacking um with descriptions i would say like it would not say what skill will not proc with it like a well explain description for the skills

(P.s English is not my native word)

i feel like the items in the games lacks customization and even forces u to a specific class because of its stats or lacks the multi use in like other games like this

(I will not compare this games to other because this is the Successor of titan quest )

and gonna like rant for a bit :mad:
it needs more spells i cant and will never get bored of spells :smiley:
need more devotions the games devotion system is pretty neat :stuck_out_tongue:
need more passive more procs (i know passive ad procs are skills too but why not)
need more set

more quest
more challenges hahaha

Thank u (Ps. i know that the game is not that long in the market and will eventually get better over time )