Weapon pool skills + autoattack skills?

Hi! Could you please advise on the maths of combining weapon pool skills (WPS) and autoattack skills (AAS)? Are they additive or multiplicative in respect of %weapon damage? How do WPS work with Cadence? How important are WPS generally? Do you prefer to max them out?

And a separate question: do Celestial Powers proc on every strike with Cadence or only on the 3rd strike?

  1. Multiplicative

  2. It’s complicated. With Cadence you 1) don’t have points to max wps, 2) want cadence to be as frequent as possible. So wps are just complimentary and those with long animations are avoided. See Classes, Skills and Builds -> Link catalog for character builds -> Blademaster -> look for builds with Cadence and check their grimtools to see how it’s done.

  3. Depends on the build. When autoattack is your main (like Belgothian, Deathmarked or Korba nightblades) you usually wanna max certain WPS.

  4. Every strike