Weird DPS disparity

I do not understand what is making either of these two junk magics have higher DPS than this lvl 20 epic. Can someone explain this to me?

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Atk speed makes the dps go up.

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I’m going to make the reasonable assumption that it is the attack speed on both yellow guns that is closing the gap in base damage.

In this case it’s pure speed. Fewer seconds, more damage.

Anyway, you should save all those ‘Sluggers’ (you’ll find a few with each character) and make a necklace or charm bracelet out of them.

That’s about all they’re good for. Welcome to the game, welcome to the forum!

That +20% attack speed is gonna boost it a lot.

Mind you, the game’s “dps meter” as it likes to call itself is about as accurate as asking your mom. It assumes you’re just holding down default attack against a target dummy, no skills no defenses no nothing. So trusting that stat is a really bad idea after about level 3.

My mom’s a math teacher.

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Thanks for the answers everyone. There was actually a funny outcome from this: When I got to lvl 20 and checked out the Sluggers, they WERE higher DPS after all, it turns out that the DPS prediction thing can’t deal with weapon damage skills like Fire Strike and buffs like Flame Touched, so it predicted wrong (as Yawgmoth mentioned). Once I removed those skills and checked it again, the Slugger correctly showed an increase in DPS

The Sluggers STILL weren’t very good though, so I still ended up replacing them quickly :smiley:

I noticed you’ve got some blueprints in your stash. I’m assuming you’re saving them for other chars? You don’t need to, once you’ve learnt them, you can craft the items with all chars at the blacksmith.

I’m afraid you’ve got it backwards. The magic guns are showing as higher dps with firestrike, flame touched, etc. because those add flat damage to your weapon attack which makes attack speed more and more important. Without the buffs The Slugger has significantly higher base damage and the attack speed can’t make up for the difference.