Weird Idea

I know this may seem boring but I am looking for a build that is just buffs with one ability that is used as an auto attack to proc as much stuff as possible.

Pretty much I would like to tank and spank things without really having to rely on more than 1 or 2 activeskills.

Which classes would you recommend to do this.

IE using the Occultist buff to increase my damage and add in a damage type. Or Arcanist to do the same. But also having something like the Demo attack as basic ability. Is there a easy way to go about it? Which class combo would work best? Would love it to have mostly passive abilities with 1 or 2 active to mow down area with one skill that can go on CD and 1 that is used as auto attacking.

Soldier and Occultist or arcanist?

Blade Arc Soldier/Arcanist, I think, with mirror as a panic button.

Dual pistol Sorcerer or Pyromancer. There is a build guide called “how to play pyromancer with one hand” which is pretty good. Same logic applies to Sorcerer, except you focus more on elemental than chaos (this would be for you since Pyro has to cast curse on enemies occasionally).

Primal strike or savagery druid works well too: one button for your main attack, one for the Wendigo totem when you need healing.