Welcome to my village

Hi Guys,

I didn’t know where to post this screen,
but ,i want to share my village with you.
You can give me your opinion :slight_smile:



Oh dang! I particularly love the ramp. My next playthrough I want to try the Town Center and storage stuff behind walls on a hill.

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Cool! You can add posts like this to the Settlement Showcase thread in General Discussion.

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Very cool! I know the pain you went through flattening those mountains as I’m doing it at the moment :sweat_smile:


Did you have any weird clipping with buildings or did your builders bug at the edges of cliffs when flattening terrain and just worked from there instead of going to the flattenning site?

Qual numero deste mapa ?

Harassing a mountain must have taken a long time. Approximately how many hours?


That is so cool! Labour to put into must have drag for ever. Looks awesome.

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oh, i think 20/30hours for this village

yes, the buildings were mostly crooked

You are patient :slight_smile:

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