Welcome to ultimate, where all your dreams crumb and fall

This is my first time in ultimate, like a virgin i was highly encouraged by the denizen of this forum to come to the “big boys pool”, so as a welcome i saw my beautiful resistances plummet from their pretty 80s to the “not so funny 50s area” (not to mention my 57% aetherial resistance going down to a sad 32%)

It was like hearing a voice from the ninth circle of hell (where their game desing company must have their offices) mocking me “Oh, you like your DPS chocolate? now eat your resistance vegetables” and “Do you remember the sarcastic witch? go be her errand boy and buy her augments”.

First i was "No mother, im a big boy now and i can do what i want, 30% difference in resistances its not a lot. Except mother knows better. Mommy knows you pssd off half the world in elite (and not only that, she knows you looked in the internet how to do it faster and harder)

So now i lay here, in the grave of my DPS dreams, hoping and wanting one day, to use those beautiful damage augments that i worked so hard in elite to buy and use.

So, in the immortal words of Barney Gomez: Dont cry for me, im already dead.

Thanks for reading

It’s all about balance.
Yet there are still classes that can skip resists race, mainly ones with crazy burst dpm.

You need to post this in the rants section. Also, Ultimate is fine the way it is. Most of us come from other ARPGs which is why we kinda expected Ultimate to be tough.

Though we (newer players) are lucky as i’m told that earlier Ultimate used to be so tough that the meta builds were nothing but un-breachable fortresses stacking defensive devotions.

Anyways, my advice for ultimate is-

  1. Farm Elite Bastion of Chaos and Steps of Torment for good gear
  2. Reach max rep with all your allied factions to make sure you get access to augments.
  3. Use the augments and components you find to balance out your resistances.

If you have green gear with tons of stuff like pants of forgotten gods, shoulders of nemesis and gollus rings of i got lucky you can afford to have offensive augments

Thanks for the tips:

Im not ranting, is just more of “same old, same old”
I mean i was setting up networks to play diablo 1 back in the 97.
After all these games i should know how the dance goes.

Oh, and about the greens, im pretty in love with my empowered Perdition set, it fits so good on my retaliation + cadence + oleron + shield commando

Hmm, try Squib’s guide. My own retaliation build is based on his own with minor changes.

Im going commando, what can i say im a rebel to the core.

Even so, im not having troubles with the build. Its just this small gap where you have to farm your legendaries (more if its your first) and you gotta make do with what you have on ultimate.

I know that when i shed my epic equip and go full legend i will have space for those aforementioned augments.

That’s a good old +150% damage received when you go from 80% resistance to 50% :slight_smile:

So, being so im farming outcast rep (1k rep every gonorrehan run) it surged on me a new doubt, how res overcap work, and what res should i overcap (i can only find old post on google)


Yeah well, but there is this monster in my nightmares called James “i will crit on your lowest resistance” Sullivan

I must be part of the few who finds Ultimate in this game to be rather tame. It’s certainly not easy, but it’s not exactly hard. And i played with both tanky and squishy characters.

What is your scarier experience?

I think for first time players it can be jarring how much of a damage jump it is. Elite is an autopilot difficulty and playing that for 10+ hours then getting rocked in early ultimate can be a bit of a shock.

To the OP, having a ret build may be making it feel worse. It’s a build that requires you get hit to kill things so defense has to be your main priority. Ranged builds and casters can get away with low defense for obvious reasons that you don’t have the luxury of having. If you don’t have augments in your gear that is an obvious place to start, but focus on poison and aether resists for act 1 ultimate.

Im not exclusive ret, im a mix of Cadence, still im always going into the fray because im heavy hit-me-proc dependent.

On a update, i juggled between difficulties, maxed all factions and at last capped all my res to ultimate except vitality that is in 77%.

My tantrun is more on the way how this nerfed my dps. from 17.5 to 14.7 for a wonderful total of almost 3k dps and my makr of the traveler (turtle steps from now on)

Going to rush to act 2 to see if i can farm Fabius, but legend says he rape non-optimal builds. Time will tell.