Well met!

Hey everyone!

Im a big ARPG fan from Hungary. I have played Diablo 1, 2, 3, Titan Quest, Sacred, PoE, Marvel Heroes, Van Helsing, Torchlight and probably some more i cant remember atm. D2 LoD was my favourite until i found TQ:IT, and since then no ARPG has come even close to TQ. So I’ve heard a few years ago that the TQ team is working on a similar game and about a month ago I admit I tried it from a warez source just to see the alpha and how my rusty computer can handle the engine. I was impressed, and since then I follow the GD news. I saw that crafting is here, the devs are making a really fast progress with this game, so its time to purchase! (I hope you guys wont judge me about it, I dont support piracy)

I also love theorycrafting, I hope I can help the community with my comments in the future. Keep up the fantastic work Crate!

Hehe no sweat. I did the same thing when I found out about GD. Didn’t have enough cheese on me when I first found out about it but as soon as I did I bought the Loyalist tier and then the Steam version for my son.

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Welcome! Glad to hear you enjoy it as much as us all! haha. And just think all purchases go towards the making of this game to become even more awesome! I really hope when the day this game has full release its a huge hit and the devs make a killing because I know they would only go crazy on the expansion of this game. If only I was a massive millionaire… id seriously donate a bucket load of money to the team :slight_smile:

Well met! And what a time to buy! The game gets better and better at a most satisfying pace!

Welcome fellow theorycrafter! :smiley:

You’ll have a good time here, tons of stuff to try out and test… ive made a few builds purely based on the epics i got and some are really fun to play and perform really well :slight_smile: