Well met!

Greetings, friends of arpgs!

I started playing grim dawn shortly before the release of b29 and really, really love it. The last arpg I enjoyed as much as GD was Sacred. I never really liked TQ, because it felt sluggish and the greek setting kind of limited it imho, but I always liked the basic concept. Now with grim dawn those problems are gone and my cthulhu-loving inner cultist really enjoys the setting of cairn.

Anyhow, I’m quite sure that I’m in for a long ride and maybe I even get to showcase the builds I’m experimenting on someday.
For those who care about stuff like that: I’m german, english is not my native language, but I think I’m pretty good at it.

Welcome, Idoma. Glad you’re enjoying the game!

Hey Idoma Sas Ptolemy,

And welcome to the forum and grim dawn

Welcome to the forums and i hope you enjoy your stay here and ingame :slight_smile:

Hi, and welcome to the game and the forums, thou with the easy name … :wink: