Wendigo Totem with Seal

Hi everyone!

I was trying out a build that uses Wendigo and Seal and upfront melee with my pet briarthorn “Dawg”.

I’m new to making builds and wondered should I take advantage of 2 hander from the Shaman side or keep a sword and shield? (I know there are gun options with Inq but with the totem and Seal its easy to plop them down and fight)

I almost got derailed in my build because I read the Occultist has better synergy with Inquisitor for pets but I like the totem and Seal use…

If there already is a guide I would love a point in the right direction or any assistance that would make this a good build to take though the story I would appreciate any Grimtool help and devotions.

Thank you all for your time!

I’d personally go 2h ranged (and have) with those two classes, playing as you plan. While 2h melee would work, you are missing out on Ranged Expertise, and 2 AE’s. You get the 2h transmuter, and can tank just as well as a 2h melee tank…actually better, as you don’t have to run after the ranged enemy. You can just sit there in your Seal and fire at them.

Neither class has a closer, so running after mobs is tedious, and if you plan to use the seal, it’s a lot easier to stand still with a ranged weapon.

The reason the 1h and shield would be poor is the lack of Brute Force and Ranged Expertise, making your damage poor and you still lack a closer to get into melee. 2h melee would be more reasonable if you had the Mythical Laviathan, as it gives you an addition 19% physical resist, and lets you use brute force, but you still lack a closer, and it’s hard to move the seal around if you are chasing enemy. The damage is still likely less than that of a 2h ranged due to ranged expertise, but at least he’d be a real tank with all that physical resist.

I would maybe have to play Warder then if I still want the totem and briathorn theme with melee.

I will give the 2 handed range a shot I just didn’t want “Dawg” running out of the Seal and losing the buff… if I was Melee with him fighting he would get the bonus as well… (This may be the weakest build idea ever???)

What melee bonus are you talking about? I wasn’t aware melee get a bonus other than more of their gear has physical resists on it.

My 2h ranged Vindicator is not at all weak. She face tanks like a champ, with high DPS.

By Bonus I just meant that they would also be protected by the SEAL. If I’m ranged the pet runs out of the seal to engage the mob. :slight_smile: