Wendigomane Leggings + Siphon Souls

Normally, there is no issue when same skills are from class and an item, but Siphon Souls does damage over time. How would it interact in this case?

Will the both Siphon Souls from different sources stack on top of one another (the damage at least) or will only the stronger one tick? Or even worse, could the one from the pants override the one from the character? Just interested in whether the skill on these pants is completely wasted on my Ritualist when I have Siphon Souls on 22 and Blood Boil on 19. But would be weird, considering the pants boost Siphon Souls.

different skills, so stack
item procs are not mastery skills, they are their own
*i’ve not tested it with siphon souls/this item specifically, but did try with another debuff class ill omen in necro and boots, and they stacked