Wendigo's Mark on Wendigo Totem

Quick and very specific question (for which I searched both this forum and the Steam forums and came up dry. My apologies if the answer is already out there somewhere).

If I put Wendigo’s Mark on the Wendigo Totem, does the attack damage converted to health from the Mark heal me or the totem?


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Totem,All Summoning Skills are like this.

That’s what I was afraid of.


Is this up to date? I know the weapon damage part (on flame torrent for example) was changed to reflect the player’s weapon damage even if it’s bound to pet-scaled pets.

When a skill with weapon damage is connected to a summoning spell, the Devotion skill inherits the player’s attributes, except the basic attributes on the weapon.(Not a pet)
Therefore, if the player has a life leech property (not from weapons),Totem+Flame Torrent>>The Flametorrent can suck blood.Because Flametorrent inherits the player’s life leech properties, according to the ratio of 26%.
Possession of weapon damage is a key factor in opening life leech ability,Just triggered by Summoning spell.Wendigo’s mark no weapon damage.

If healing devotion are bound on pseudo - pet (that get scaling from player’s damage bonuses like wind devil, mortar trap, storm totem and so on) so devotion will heal player.

That’s why bat that bound on storm totem are living classic.

P.S. For sure if healing devotion are bounded on real pet (that get scaling from pet’s bonuses like hellhound) so devotion will heal a pet.

Wendigo’s mark are absoulutelly don’t care about WD, because it initially has an amount of damage that turns into health.

Wendigo’s mark has innate lifesteal, that’s why I was asking. I guess Safarel already made it clear tho.

wendigo’s mark+storm totem.It will not work.The reason why bats can suck blood is actually because it has weapons damage.Weapon damage makes it conform to the general life leech mechanism,Let 45% life leeches work.

Summoning spell itself is an independent individual.These effects should not be on players.Like Phoenixfire and Stormtotem,It will work on totem.
It is weapon damage that breaks this restriction.

I did some tests a long time ago.About blood sucking principle.
Only WD Devotion skill conforms to the general blood sucking mechanism,When it is combined with summoning spell.

in addition.
Tried to empty the HP and then use wendigo’s mark+totem.It did not restore any life.

I make a quick test for you, here

Works, but still not healing player.

Thank you for your test.
I mean, the effect of Life Leech doesn’t work on players.

wendigo’s mark+totem


Bat on Stormtotem does heal player.

Only skills with WD attached to player scaled pets heal player, cause these pets get player’s weapon damage. Wendigo mark doesn’t.