What am I not seeing?

I never said it was directly related. In fact i said this

“I talked about the limits because I can make my Fletcher workers do the same thing
(i.e. stop working even though plenty of resources for the other item) a coincidence? maybe lol”

I grasp perfectly what ‘exists but not accessible’ means. It appears you do not
understand what the full scope of it means. Here you said this

" If an ingredient exists but isn’t accessible (like veges in a barn or on a person)"

Incorrect it is not like those 2 situations. Those situations are not bugs. That is simply
something that exists that you do not have access too like nuke weapons.

This is fruit in the very same building storage and the workers do
have access to that storage because it is the very same workers
that put the fruit in that storage. That is why it is a bug and a bug
confirmed by Zantai and not how you implied it was normal worker
behavior because of normal non accessibility.

I don’t think more discussion is necessary here. The devs are aware of the issue and the conditions to recreate it. If anyone has the same problem before it is patched and find this thread then they’ll learn the temporary fix is to set the ratio for pickles to zero. Case closed imo.

Man, it’s crazy the discussion asking a simple question lead to :smiley: