What am I not seeing?

My preservist (along with a couple other buildings) have dropped off on production, like stopped. As far as I can tell they are stocked. Here is a screenshot, and what you can’t see is that they have produced pretty much nothing in the last year. What am I not seeing?

12 of 15 vege required. Set ratio for pickles to 0 and it should work.

You have plenty of fruit and glass and firewood so they should be working.
it is a nasty bug/oversight related to production limits at least that is what I am seeing here.
Even if you didn’t set limits they are there in the code.

Example: I had my Fletcher building set to 500 min arrows 1000 max arrows
I had my crossbow set to 50 min crossbows and 100 max crossbows
(the standard bow shut off via slider set to 0 and arrows and crossbow both set to 1. so 1 to 1 ratio)

When my workers reached 1000 arrows they all stopped working
and did the wandering thing in your pic. The problem though
is the crossbows were only at 71 and should have kept being made.
The workers should have ALL switched to crossbow making
but the workers all stop when ANY item reaches max. So i had to do basically
what Meowbeep said I had to go in and turn off arrow making to get them to
work on crossbows. Because when you do that then that item is removed
from their limits on/off factoring. So in this example just crossbows are being looked at.

this needs to be fixed ASAP.

What I ended up doing was making another Fletcher building that only does crossbows
and the first Fletcher building only does arrows. that is the work around. It works fine
but it is a pain in the butt and I want less buildings not more lol

but they should be making fruit preserves. He has plenty of resources for that in storage.

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The places I have set the production limits seem to work find, they just shut down and leave they haven’t wandered on me.

Ratioed buildings have workers move through that ratio strictly if possible. If an ingredient exists but isn’t accessable (like veges in a barn or on a person) then all the workers get stuck on that step of the ratio.

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if enough ingredients exist they are supposed to be used. That is a total BUG/oversight
that the workers go wandering when all the ingredients are there for ANY (next) item.

If an item has no ingredients the workers used to move to the next item.
Something has changed. I feel it is the limits because look what happened
to my Fletcher workers. It is all screwed up.

Seriously all your buildings would stop working in just months if ingredients for
1 item ran out and thus stopped the whole building. We would have had hundreds
of post complaining if that was the case on earlier builds. My buildings
NEVER stopped when I ran out of iron ingots. They kept cranking other items etc…

It’s on old bug I’ve seen a few people puzzled by in previous patches. If the item doesn’t exist anywhere then they will move on to produce the other recipe. It’s only when the item does exist, but has been put somewhere inaccessible (like a vege in a barn), that it gets stuck.

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It’s a beta for an early access game… yes, looks like there may be a bug so treat it as something spotted and let the devs know but there’s really no need to rant about it, there’s a workaround after all.

The “Production Halted” notification is also slightly buggy, since it shows even when production is not halted (the original unlimited production mode is in play). If that’s not yet been mentioned then I’ll raise an issue myself.

try the test I did with Fletcher. Ive done that example at least 4 times and every time the
crossbows are stopped and the workers leave or wander.

Remember I’m not saying it is directly limit related. I’m saying i think due to code changes
because of limits being added it some how changed something else because a lot of these functions are interacting with other. I’ve never had this happen until p2 (your picture that is happening to me for the first time also) and I talked about the limits because I can make my Fletcher workers do the same thing (i.e. stop working even though plenty of resources for the other item) a coincidence? maybe lol

Check to make sure you had free iron ingots for the fletchers but if you had all the ingredients available then yep, looks like a bug. Have you reported it?

I see you have and they’ve repro-ed it. Cool, nice one.
Wonder if that’s because the minimum for the crossbows had been hit as well… the expectation being they carry on working until the maximum has been hit and not a maximum and all the minima…

oh totally but MeowBeep implied that is how it has always been but I never saw that happen even once until 8p2. It doesn’t even happen every time in 8p2 I’m testing right now and my preserves workers DIDN’T stop and wander like the OPs on the EXACT same situation. mine started working on fruit.

oh yes I have 2K ingots at all times. 1.4 million gold so I buy everything.
I have to the map ran out of all resources about 500 years ago I"m at year 987

well both arrows and crosbows were being made until the max for arrows was hit.
the min was hit on both. Both started being made. the crossbows min was hit
after the arrows min was hit like a few months later.

bug or not. The workers should always work on an item if resources are available.
I trade like crazy to keep stocked up and to see all my workers sitting there doing nothing is grrrr lol

987… my spud dies at about year 60 but using necromancy (and extreme patience) I can usually squeeze another few years, population dependent.

Of course, we’re assuming that the OP had actually set production limits for this chain: “The places I have set the production limits seem to work find[sic] …”

@Nater I’d raise an issue in the bug reporting section and pass them the save. Could be a combination that they’ve not tested for (the old bug MB mentioned coupled with the production chain issue Groovy has raised, and they’ve confirmed)

https://www.reddit.com/r/FarthestFrontier/comments/xlhhfw/can_i_get_some_preserves/ same issue from more than a month ago.

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that is why I said to OP I am not saying it is directly limit related. as in having set limits in the new limit boxes to trigger this.

For me it is happening when I do not set limits and when I do set limits. I’m saying the limits code
is there behind the scenes and it feels like it messed something up in the old code and I can sorta do the same thing if I let an item hit max while another item has not hit max. as in the workers stop or wander. The limits code for sure has a bug and it may have carried over to basic ops

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ZantaiCrate Employee - Designer

EDIT: we found a repro for this case. Fix will be in the next build.

sweet :wink:

Yeah? More than one bug exists in the game. There is no reason to think the bug you found is at work here, the situation is different. As op stated he hasn’t set any production limits. I don’t think you are grasping what ‘exists but not accessable’ means, which is the condition necessary for this bug to happen. Grats on cornering that other bug though :+1:

This is a different bug specific to the Preservist and unrelated to the issue in that thread.

EDIT: I will add that this, is the reason:


oh yeah i know it is not the same but it was because of this thread I posted the Fletcher min max text in the bug report area. In fact if not for Nater posting about the that bug I might not have posted about the min max bug. I basically posted the Fletcher text to him and after I posted I said to myself

“well I just typed all that out I guess I better copy paste it over to the bug area” lol

BTW it is not just the Preservist it has happened to me on many buildings since p2. I say since Friday it has happened a half dozen times. Prior to that never for me.