What and where to do after completion of the Story?

Its the second time that i play the game, now i think i finished the Story and killed the last boss. ( on normal im Lv.49 ) now veteran or elite?
i asked my self whats to do now but ive no answer :frowning:

How to farm and what to farm?
Where to grind?
What to grind?
Which difficult?

I played xxxxxxxxx hours of Diablo2 but in the game I knew what I must do and where… now im sitting on my char and doesnt know thats to do :frowning:

would be quite happy if someone could help me continue to have fun at the game. Maybe a German is here for a better understanding

Move on to Elite.

you log out back to character select screen and change the difficulty to Elite.
Basically its a new game+ where you replay the story with same character but at a more difficult setting.
Then once you beat the story again you do the same thing again, but this time go into Ultimate. This way you can reach max level.

And if Elite kicks your butt a bit, go to Veteran to drop some better gear once you hit L50. There’s lots of additional faction quests that come along, you can do bounties, Steps of Torment/Bastion of Chaos, rifts in the Blood Grove and Plains of Strife, East Marsh, Etc.

Otherwise just rock through Elite

Lots to do :slight_smile:

Elite looks really hard atm, the normal enemy is no problem but every named can kick my ass near to instant… Maybe ive to go Veteran to get some better stuff :wink:

Thanks for the help