What are people's favorite Oathkeeper/(X class) combo?

Haven’t played game in a while, and was going to want to play Oathkeeper and just wondering what combination seems to work really well with Oathkeeper?

For fire oathkeeper, which has a fortune of needing only a target farmable set, and can use it’s massive mobility to campaign farm effectively even with just the zarthuzellan’s archive book, there is the

  • Templar - Highest burn with vanquisher, potentially highest CDR
  • Sentinel - better with acid but a fire sentinel can do lots of proccing that makes it a tasty and fun experience. It can also do vitality for what it’s worth
  • Shieldbreaker - less of a vire’s might skater thing, but has amazing endgame options.
  • Paladin - Fully passive RR, decent proccing abilities.

I’m currently playing a sentinel, intend to start a paladin eventually.

I do like Occultist a lot so Sentinel is tempting. Templar sounds fun too though.

That’s good question. It depends on damage type/skills you wanna use. Offensively best pick will be either fire Shieldbreaker and Acid Dervish. My favorite combo is perhaps Dervish.

Defensively Paladin can be very sturdy with both Ascension and Inquisitor Seal. Warlord is your go to class for shield or retaliation build as well as physical. It’s perhaps the most popular class.

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All OK classes are ok. Some are good, some less so. I can make something interesting from any of them.

But the only one I actually brought to 100 is Dervish.

Edit: the least appealing ones are Templar and Archon. Especially Archon.

To the enthusiasts of red lightning I recommend Vit Doom Bolt Sentinel and Chaos FoI Paladin :damage_chaos:
Oh and there’s Vit Primal Strike Archon but it has a bad rep.

Oppressor and Dervish are my favorite.
Other good one are warlord and shieldbreaker.

I like Acid Dervish the most. Very easy to build with double innate RR and it’s relatively sturdy whether you build it as DW or 1h+shield.

I got a lot of enjoyment out of a max block percentage based Warlord.