What are the best/most reliable relics for HC SSF. Based on archetypes like melee 2H, SnB, Caster, Pets etc

I’m having a really difficult time deciding on relics for my HC characters. My 2H sorceress for example. Jugger has kinda meh stats, but a really good defensive when hit proc with 100% uptime. While arbiter has good raw stats but an active skill which I don’t want.

Since I’m relatively new, and thus not having elite+ completion experience or any gear to draw from, I was wondering if those of you that are veterans in the community, can provide some insight and share some knowledge as to which relics are best/most reliable for pure survival in HC. Pref based on what archetype one is playing.

I’m having massive struggles deciding. And I know someone will say: “Whatever stats you currently need most”, but what I’m looking for here, is help to choose based on your own personal game knowledge and experience from HC.

Thanks for any help!

Salvation is my favourite for HC leveling, it works on any character without affix waste and is supertanky and relatively cheap to make for a high level relic.

Thanks. I’ll go with that first. It’s just so hard to decide because they are each with pros and cons, there isn’t a seemingly “best one to rule them all” so to speak.

Just pick whatever gives you +1 to the main mastery. Transfer extra skill points to defensive skills. Or up your offense and then choose a more defensive devotion path. No reason to pick an anti-synergistic relic just for defensive stats. +1 to all skills is (usually) the best stat in the game.