What are the odds of that

Well I just had an enemy hero drop 2 mantle of the weeping eye’s. 1 from it’s death drop and 1 from it’s loot orb

I once had Fabius (nemesis monster) wielding two Belgothian swords. His chest dropped another one.

I’m kinda not impressed by anything like this because it’s RNG and everything can happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

this is very funny, while i’m at my 5th dagalon’s annihilator and 3rd destroyer, not a single of the other pieces :D.

wtf are you guys talking about?

I dropped a Sur rune from the councils in travincal and then another Sur rune the run after :stuck_out_tongue: (Diablo II)

Dropping one Sur is like 1:4000 so in two consecutive runs … 1:16000000

odds in Grim Dawn is a fucking joke compared to D2 :smiley:

Even TQ has lower chances of dropping items. In GD, you can run one SoT and get 5 legendaries, or one normal boss and get a legendary, in TQ you have to kill a boss sometimes even 15 times to get an epic item.

Playing GD actually killed my fun of farming, now that I look at it. :rolleyes: I used to farm a monster in TQ for hours till I get a nice roll on an item, now I kinda do it for an hour or less and then go for another character to just play the game. This sucks. I blame Malawigi-lablahblah for that.

My friend drops two Ber runes in ONE ancient tunnel run. Odds of that is approximately 1:100000000

Yeah the farming experience in GD is kinda lackluster, and still ppl want the buff the drop rates even more…