What are the strongest builds you can make with hard-to-get equipment?

Lets pretend that you are incredibly and absurdly impulsive on items, especially Monster Infrequents - whatever you want you have access to. What are some of the strongest builds you can put together with as many gear pieces that would make any long time player of Grim Dawn swoon?

The words and/or phrases “rare”, “impossible”, “self found” and any related synonyms have no power here.



Honorable mentions to Dracarris Incarnate and BWC builds.

You need to go further than that :p. If i see more green than purple/blue you’re doing it right. Bonus points for pure green builds.

That seems a popular misconception.

You can put greens in every slot, but greens are very rarely factually superior to Legendaries. I’ve made several complaint threads about this.

Greens only uniformly beat out Legendaries in the legs slot and sometimes the boots slot (depending on if you need Golemborn or not). Rarely, they outperform Legendaries in the rings slots and sometimes the medal slot if you can make good use of an Ikrix scale. The only times I can think of a green being usable in weapons slots is with a Loxmere dagger in a Coldbreaker build and a Troll Bonecrusher in a Bloodrager build. Nemesis MIs used to be good and then we got the 7 Legendary sets a few patches ago, most of which are very powerful and feature a should piece.

Green Heads, Chests, Belts, and Amulets are almost universally bad, because they cannot compete with +all skills or buffs/procs. Same with weapons/hands (of which there are no MIs).

I am aware of this. I’m not looking for the strongest builds in general. I’m looking to see what the craziest or strongest builds people can throw together using MIs as a majority is. Maybe you can think of it as a challenge more than a question.

The best example i can try dig up and give you is sfbistimg’s Warder.

Edit: Another example i thought of is WolfOverclockedGame’s Green Sorcerer from earlier this year but overall, i’m looking to see ideas that are more polished.

Although pierce dmg is somewhat unpopular now days I would add derma slicer in list of weapons.

On topic, basically green items are in most cases gape fillers, filling gapes in resistances, boosting HP/OA/DA is in most cases reason to use them.
So making build with shit loads of near impossible greens, for solely purpose of wearing impossible greens, will not make that build much or in most cases any better.

Almost a year ago I dropped totally fucked up double rare Cronley signet (incorruptible of basilisk) and from that day until now its still in stash, not a single build of mine is using it, and arguably that signet is best/near impossible to find green MI ring.

Edit: Just noticed your upper post, so you can scratch previous I wrote. Best builds I saw that are relying on greens were Sfbs, aether missile (of the arcane blaze suffix) proc based build and one poison based build from like ages ago that was using of blight suffix.

Agreed. Having such an emphasis on Legendaries and especially set items imposes a soft cap on build diversity since there are only so many concepts that can be supported by predefined items. I made a thread about this once, myself, saying that greens should really be able to get more +skills bonuses; I think that would be a great first step.

I don’t know about this. Have you seen the Pretty Great Pants? They’re pretty great.

Honestly though, until I found the PGP, I was using green shoulders and pants. I’m still using green shoulders on a few of my max characters, but then again, I only have a handful of legendaries.

5k DA for example http://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLerdZG

Why do you have Brimstone while using melee weapons?

Because it adds tons of flat damage to his auto attack which is multiplied by execution. Brimstone works for melee too. Just no shrapnel


You confused me a bit with the weapon swap:rolleyes:

BTW second Golus ring instead of bloodsworn would be better :hmhm: Could push life beyond 17k =)

Nice. What’s your chance to be hit by some Nemesis?

10.5% by Fabius :slight_smile:
Actually that’s not my build, I’ve just posted the link.

One of my test subject, without fine-tuning OA, 130k+ Poison DoT on Dummy with 76% physical resistance.

It’s a shame that non of the green pieces dropped in my game… I really want a affix reforging smith…

The best example i can try dig up and give you is sfbistimg’s Warder.

Where can I find more info on that build? I don’t see it on his wall or in the compendium…unless I’m missing it.

The character died so I don’t have all the info on it still, but it was a 2H Upheavel build. Here’s the saved photo from when I posted it way back when.

And this is my Ice Spike/Fallen Skies Witch Hunter Build (similar to my Aether Missile build but much better IMO)

Thanks sfb. Also, sorry to hear about your loss. :frowning: