What are the top HC builds right now?

I’m looking to make a new HC char and I’m a noob. I really enjoy melee so I prefer a melee hero if I can.

What are the best HC builds ATM?

But you played this game before, right?

Retaliation, problem is that it is a pain to level with and also it’s really item dependant. Vitality casters and pets are probably next. I know jack shit about pets, vit casters can be tanky through leech, but can also get bursted if you don’t rotate the healing attacks + defensive skills properly. But don’t worry too much about it, there is nothing that can 100/0 you in the campaign as long as you pay attention. Make sure to not enter a pit arena in Four hills though.

Barely but I’ve been D2 for my whole life and it’s terribly similar. Also, Im playing HC because that’s where my friends are. I just need a few build recommends for HC. That’s all.

If you are interested in Pet builds, I can help :3

Otherwise, I’d also recommend Vitality Casters.

Do note that GD and D2 while similar, are also just as different from each other. I personally wouldn’t recommend starting in HC if you don’t have any SC experience in Grim Dawn. But since you do have friends playing in HC here, they can always come to your aid regarding stuff if needed :slight_smile: .

Retal soldiers (level with forcewave instead), vitality casters and pets. After that probably DoT casters and spellbinders. Vitality casters are basically melee facetank casters.

For soldiers I got this YT guide for forcewave leveling, for endgame just go to the build compendium and cntrl+F “retal”

For vitality casters I got this YT leveling guide for vitality Occultist and a full HC playthrough from 0 to hero. I can also very much recommend Nery’s vitality Conjurer guide.

For pets, just ask @Maya she’s already here :smiley:

If you wanna play other builds, especially more off meta stuff, I’m sure you can find some inspiration in my HC build collection.


What about ranged? Purifiers seem to be popular. Or ranged cadence. (:

Is the Forcewave build viable for killing lokarr? I’m level 100 now and shredding most of A4 at the moment but I’m a little scared to do bigger bosses at the moment (with this being HC).

That depends on the exact build, but any well built forcewave build should be able to kill Lokarr. Feel free to link your build via grimtools here.

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