What beginner builds do you want to see?

Before I quit this game I intend on posting a number of beginner builds. What do you nerds want to see? Preferably things that aren’t super meme as I’d like the n00bs to have a smooth experience w/o too many struggles or too much farming. I am happy to do newer versions of things that people have posted before if they’re very old.


i don’t have any personal Ideas but you could take a look here for any builds that might be missing


Do a Shadow Strike build. I’m a fan of that skill and I love Spellbreaker in particular, even though Infiltrator might be better, I just hate standing in the seal and it’s always mandatory to have seal as Inquisitor right?


Out of the beginner’s compendium, only Druid and Sorcerer do not have beginner’s guides associated with the mastery at all (Witch Hunter isn’t listed there either, but someone has posted a beginner’s Witch Hunter and it just needs to be added to the compendium).

My vote would either go to Elemental Deceiver or Elemental Apostate, as both can cruise with Word of Pain in the beginning, Aura of Cnesure is always a great Exclusive skill, and have some pretty nifty faction and MI options that people can hunt for. Not to mention both have decent end-game builds to strive for (Elemental proc fiesta for the Deceiver, and Elemental Urobrook’s Reaping for the Apostate).

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class wise we are missing these (oops edit, forgot tpom’s defiler lol)

sorc, druid,

skill wise, maybe some of the underutilized could be cool to get included, like runes, Bone harvest mebe?
was doing a dual wield bone scythe BH “spam” leveling approach and felt kinda ok

Trozan Druid is missing while being an important build, figuring the sustain method could be your challenge too
and +1 for runes levelling, it’s a weird one to figure out


Hy Druid pls!!

HI Lightning or Cold Druid yessss plsss :smiley:

Definitely a druid :sunglasses:

Druid, Sorcerer or Deceiver

There is no escape, only grimtools.



druid should be simple. just primal strike with mi weapon. gg

sorc seems harder. sorc realy get good with the right set bonis. imo

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Whatever class is missing a build in the compendium. Bonus points for something easy to gear for the budget build (faction gear and MI). And ideally this type of build won’t have super similar build already posted.

Personally don’t know if I am gonna return but before that had few plans for more guides. I tested fire Sorc and was relatively happy with the results. Fire SB can be build in similar fashion. My other plans were PS Druid, ranged physical DW Paladin, Vitality Ritualist caster focused on RE, converted Storm Totem and Swarm. And few ideas waiting patiently in line…