What build can I do with this legendaries I've found?.

I’m playing self found, sharing the items I find with other characters too.

And so far I’ve found these ones:

-Fiendscale Jacket
-Death Omen
-Aldanars Vanity
-Devil’s Cage Haulberk

  • Quillthrower of Dreeg (that I’m using because its fun :slight_smile: but I got zero sinergies with it).

No idea if they are good, rare, or build-enablers.

Any advice?.

I am not sure if any of them are particularly rare.

It depends on what you want to play. I am not sure I have seen anyone post build with quillthrower or fiendscale. They other ones are playable, but only one is probably build defining.

Death Omen is good on any nightblade dual wield auto attack build, if you build around it or just use it until you find something better.

Devils Cage is good on a witchblade.

Aldanar’s Vanity is one of the defining items on PRM and Callidors tempest builds to get the most out of your Devastation Cooldown.

Aldanar’s vanity can be fun and build enabling for certain play styles. If you stack other CDR with it you can have a fun caster and/or shadow striker. If you are interested I have a CDR starcaller build here. It is quite fun and quite tanky for a caster build. Aldanar’s vanity procs almost instantly once the internal cooldown expires and it’s a noticeable difference. Obviously it only is powerful if you are using a bunch of skills with long cooldowns though :slight_smile:

I’m very new too and just getting into my second character. I chose to roll an arcanist because out of all the legendaries found on my first character, Aldanar’s vanity looked most interesting.

Arcanist has several extremely powerful abilities that are just OP with cooldown reduction, like devastation and mirror. I’m not sure what I want to do with the character yet, so for now I’m pure arcanist. With a single mastery and using the greater fireball skill from component as my spam attack until I find something I like better, there’s enough points to experiment in all sorts of 3 skill combinations even at very low levels. At 34, I’ve got maxed reckless power, OFF, devastation, and I’m working up the second and 4th nodes in the PRM skill line. After trying out PRM, I’ll try callidor’s tempest and maybe TSS.

Devastation has made boss fights a breeze in veteran. I don’t have any sort of heal and my regen is bad, so I feel very fragile, but I can just OFF + devastation my way through anything tough. And if I end up not liking the feel of PRM, callidors, TSS, or AAR, arcanist is still one of the very best support masteries.