What can you tell me about this guy?

Like title says I would like to hear your opinion about the build I made, also try to guess what build is it, it shouldn’t be hard :slight_smile:

Here we go, picture with constant auras:

Fairly standard Warborn Witchblade/Commando

No its not.

P.S Forgot to add that it can complete ultimate, face tank and drop Fabius and Mad Queen.

I am guessing that the warborn set can be used with almost any soldier build. So Blademaster ?
(Witchblade would also have been my first guess).

No its not.



GZ :slight_smile:

Its old build of mine that I reworked just to show how op soldier class is with buffed cadence, broken break morale,… It can achieve things that some dual class cant dream about, and when you mix op class with any other class you just get more op build, you are getting my point :wink:

Here is the real picture:

Devotin, pleasе.

A pure Soldier build? Willing to upload a build of skills, devotions and endgame gear/components and augments?

I will upload it bit later if you want, but be advised that this build is not optimized and it would need much of polishing Im not interested to make, its just a showcase.

what are the stats of the MI’s ?

just curious

Stats or affixes? Cant remember stats atm but affixes are:
Ring is dread lords of atack, boots stonehide of kings, pants warding of natures bounty.
Its a gear that I use on my WB.

I will make later on guide, maybe to pm for posting in compendium? :wink: