What devotions for a savagery + brute force Warder?

Building a new Warder character and wondering what devotions would be best to take?

Reckless Tempest all the way.

Edit: Bear with Maul is also great.

Thinking of tempest but already have a lightning based Druid and thinking of putting more into physique for this build and grabbing OA through skills. Bear and Maul sound interesting though.

Are you using Feral Hunger? It’s worth considering going for bleed damage (devouring swarm, etc). If so, you will definitely want Huntress. I also like Falcon too.

check out my warder playthrough in the warder section, i use brute force savagery physical warder.

you will need lots of defensive devotions (Dryad, Turtoise, Empty Throne, Behemoth…), assassins blade, kraken, dire bear arent wrong either.

Thanks for the ideas folks, probably go bleed and defence.