What do I do at lv 50? i've a big doubt

Hey there everyone :slight_smile:
I reached lv. 50 right now on veteran mode and idk if I should keep playing veteran (unlock all shrines, farm some dungeons, …) or changing to elite.
What’s better?

elite diff

yeah sorry I misstyped, meant elite.
Also another question then, is it worth to explore every inch of the map or should I rush to Fort Ikon?

If you have all dlcs then veteran/elite is just for leveling. I like the campaign aswell but the real game starts in ultimate. If it’s your first playthrough then I suggest go discover every inch of the game.

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I explored pretty much everything on veteran.
I’ll keep doing it in elite then.
No DLCS unluckily but I’m planning to buy both (can I play them with my current account or i’ll have to restart another account?).
Ty very much btw :slight_smile:

do exactly what you want
if you wanna try out the dungeons, farm a bit of gear to make your stats better for Elite eventually, do that
if you wanna run around explore things see if you missed something, do that
if you wanna start a new character and play a different build to lvl 50, do that
Cairn is your oyster baby :ok_hand:

You can play the DLC with your account.

There is no account in GD. There is account in steam which is a totally different thing. GD is totally single player game which can be played peer 2 peer multiplayer but it’s not a mmorpg.

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You know what I meant :wink:.

@Foehammer got what I meant but thx for pointing out @fordprefect.
Ty everyone again :slight_smile:

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