What do you do to excessive blue/epic item?

All my chars and bank already full with blue items and components, what do you do to excessive blue/epic items?

which better selling it or breaking it down with dynamite?

You could sell or dismantle them or use one of the out of game stash storage systems to keep them. GD Stash or Grim Dawn Item Assistant are the two most used ones.

or you could open a shop at the trading market:rolleyes:

although I prefer not to mess with ingame system, afraid problem when new version or expansion release.

Seems it is time to make a storage characters only.

About the market worth a try later, honestly haven’t trade any though not sure the process.

Keep a couple of blue that you know are good. Also realised that most blue at lvl 65/75 that “look” good are often not worth it cause of Legendary taking their place (there is exception)

I feel like the low level (25/40) are good if they help leveling skill (Cold damage for an Arcanist for exemple since it help OFF) and level 50 are good if they fit a build you would like to do since it is at that level you really get into what your end build should look like.

  1. use dynamite to dismantle to get scrap
  2. craft Exalted Treads with balcksmith
  3. Do you got a Stonhide Exalted Treads of Kings?
    YES: be happy
    NO: go back to 1.

Actually at #3 there is more than just the Stonehide Of Kings that are good (also you need to be level 70 if I’m not mistaken to have Exalted Thread so while waiting to get to that level just accumulate the scrap)

No way. Survivalist of the Featherstep all the way.

Just teasing. In any case, you can do that with gloves too.

I also love getting an Incorruptible Death Girdle.

#3 StoneHide of Kings was just a sample, you got the idea ;).

I go to Dalia and she destroys them

I safe them until I have 2-3 of them all. I put them on specific mule characters (like epic 1hand weapon).

If you ever find a blue grimoire of og’napesh lev40: Keep it. All the way. One of the most demanded blue ever :smiley:

Why is this blue demanded?

Pet builds. At around 30-35, they get painful to level, and the Empowered Grimoire isn’t until 75, I think? So between 40 and 75, the non-empowered one makes life WAY easier. Also, I think the recipe for the Empowered calls for the regular, but it’s been a long time since I made one, so I may be mis-recalling.

Got it, thank you.

I just meet Eltram, he can make legendary but need a lot of rare materials.
Is it worth it? if so dismantling blue items maybe a good idea instead selling it.
What about dismantling green items, can we get rare materials like ancient heart, blood of cthon and tainted brain too?

You get rare materials only from epic and legendary items. And epic items have low chance to provide those materials (most often, they provide some common component). Legendary items have high chance to provide rare material (otherwise, they provide rare component).

You can blast all epics, in hope to get some rare materials, but the problem is, you need lots of Dynamite to do so. If you’re farming something like Cronley’s Hideout, then you can afford that. But if you’re farming places without free dynamite drop, you’ll quickly run out of it (and out of Searing Embers, if you craft it).

And what worse, most components you obtain from dismantling, are useless (cause you’ll have tons of them anyway). Really valuable components, such as Searing Ember, Vengeful Wraith or Severed Claw, cant be obtained from it.

Okay thank you, it will save some dynamites for trying to dismantling green items,

what I get is yellow and green we should sell,
blue if we have same copy we can dismantle trying to get rare material,

I made one Clairvoyant’s Robe It good cause I can use it for char AAR user (I have 14 blood of cthon so I still have 6)

Right now I probably gonna hold the rare materials in case I need it to make relic. (only have 8 ancient heart, 9 tainted brain and 6 blood now)