What do you enjoy the most in a mod?

Just out of curiosity and to know what to focus on in my upcoming mod; Which part do you enjoy most in a mod? You can select multiple answers.

Think you need to add an “All of the above” tickbox. I’ve played mods that changed masteries, added extra foes/heroes/bosses, new areas, new items.

I’m not promising anything, but I’m working on a mod that actually aims to include most of the available options. Perhaps I should have been more precise;

If a mod includes new things from all available checkboxes, what do you think is most or more important / enjoyable.

I love new masteries. Stuff like remaking other arpg areas/skills are also cool.

But new masteries with well thought skills is what I enjoy the most.

I guess new masteries and new areas to explore. I’m always making new builds which is why I never get very far in the game and I love to cover all areas of the map.

Honestly, the mod i’ve been missing the most since the expansion has to be the legendary affix mod where legendaries and epics would get affixes. Sadly, i don’t think that mod has been re-released at any point since the expansion. (the one that came with dail)

I enjoy well thought out mods that add onto the core gameplay experience rather than altering it.

Quality of Life mods are probably my favorite, those that add features that should be in games for realism/ease/whatever but just didn’t make it for one reason or another.

absolutely love theory crafting and replayablility so for me mastery mods are the best, wish there was a devotion mod but its a big task or even impossible

I’d say you have to decide what you want your mod to be about instead of listening to people. Creating a mod takes a lot of time / effort and if you do not do it because you want it, you probably will abandon it.
That does not mean don’t listen to input at all, only that you should take it as suggestions and go with what you ultimately want, not what a ‘majority’ wants


That was a pretty good mod. But it has not been updated for the expansion.