What does "Shields now reduce incoming damage greater than your Shield Block Amount by 100%, up from 70%" mean?

Does it mean fewer block activated?

For example, if I have 3000 shield damage block:
in the past, an incoming 2100+ damage will triger a block,
but now, only an incoming 3000+ damage will triger a block.

Am I understanding it correctly?

it’s not about triggering a block, but the amount
in the past, if you had 1000 shield dmg block, and got hit for 700 dmg, you would block 700 dmg; your block amount had 100% effect
if you got hit by an amount larger than your block total, it would be 70% effective, so if you got hit by 1001 dmg, you’d block 700,7 dmg suddenly

this then got fixed now, so you always block up to your shield amount value, regardless of the dmg hit value
ie, you get hit for 1001 dmg: you now block 1000 dmg, block value is 100% effective, 1dmg goes through to rest of defense layers

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It’s easier for me to understand that by stating it like “Block absorption” is increased from 70% to 100%.

Block absorption :thinking:

something of a similar meaning with armor absorption. :thinking:

Block absorption is separate parameter set to 100% by default for all shields.

Similar but not same.