What does Voracious Reach do?

Thinking about incorporating Yugol’s Hunger into a build but I don’t understand what Voracious Reach does? The description is pretty underwhelming. Is it a main or primary attack? Does it do a lot of damage? I don’t want to waste crafting a level 90 relic if it’s not worth it.

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Voracious reach is skill similar to Eye of Reckoning, eg whirlwind type of skill. It does less damage than EoR but it doesn’t cost lots of skills points though.

The way to use it is by having Voracious reach and lots of procs and/or strong nuke skills on CD. Alone isn’t enough to carry a build but is meant to be main offensive skill in a rotation.

Example will be acid Amarasta Witch Hunter.

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Thanks that helps.

So would it work with a melee build that uses bone harvest as a primary damage source? I don’t want to have something that is redundant. It sounds like I would use Voracious Reach in between Bone Harvest strikes if I am understanding correctly and just bounce back and forth between the two.

I have never seen a video of this skill being used. Will try to find one of the Amarasta Witch Hunter.

Check this build for example. [] Yugol's Shattered Blade - Spin2Win High Cunning Blademaster - ~6min 170 crucible

You can see the combo of Yugol’s relic skill in sync with devotion procs.

Voracious reach requires constant spinning and rare interruptions. So it’s better to have nukes on long CD and devotions proc.

It’s scales with attack speed for the record.

Interesting what kind of combination you’re cooking with Bone Harvest, perhaps Deathguard Reaper /Oppressor?

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There’s a video with Voracious Reach (and yes, I AM going spam it wherever I can)

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ok that makes sense. I don’t know how this would integrate with what I am thinking. Probably not very well but hard for me to tell given that I have not done a spin-based character type. Glad I asked and you provided a good description before I crafted it. I need to think about whether this has any utility but does not sound like it for my build.

I am working on a cold/vitality death knight. Dual wield right now with an option to go sword/shield. I posted it a few days ago looking for some feedback but haven’t heard anything so I guess it’s either not catching anyone’s fancy or the gear to run it is just too much of a pain to duplicate. It actually plays very well with nice damage output and decent survivability. Don’t think I have seen anything too similar (maybe for good reason :): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnx33wV

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oh nice! Thank you.