What id like in the expansion

Remember what Lord of Destruction did to Diablo 2? It really was an expansion. now a days we dont see that kinda stuff much. what id like to see is a bigger more fleshed out world. the map is huge but all we have is this v like trail up and down the costs. id like to explore more of the innards of this world. A new end boss with a new storyline. more factions, more items and gear, more components and recipes and pls more variety of monsters. Something that changes up the game like transmogrification. more choices that matter, More classes and spells, new lvl cap and more shrine and secrets ohhhhh i love the secrets. hidden path is prob my favorite quest…more of that plz. the game kinda fizzles to a halt after lvl 50…thats close to end game but i keep asking what is there left for me to do…and i got a sparse quest roster and bounties get kinda old. I dream of a multiplayer mode that allows 2 teams of 4 to battle for area control.like capture the flags or something.i like the new DLC. Maybe you could add some randomly generated rifts. I know it took 6 years to make the game and i know what im asking is huge but for an expansion of this magnitude id be more than willing to splash cash. i love this game so much…i just want more and more of it. dont stop :smiley:

From Zantai:

“The expansion is absolutely packed with a massive new chapter of the Grim Dawn story, new items, new mastery combinations and more.”


We will likely get an increase in the cap level, I certainly hope so. Teams battling for terrority doesn’t sound like it would fit in this game to me, more of a strategy game scenario like Age of Empires or Civilisation.

Still it’ll be a while before we see it as there’s a new Rogue-like area to be released first.

Personally i’d want some insight into who Korvaak is and a chance to face Kymon himself.

In a completely unrelated story i restarted the game today after a long break and did the Crucible and met Archivist Thelon (The Upcoming Boss in for Outcast’s Revenge Quest). And met the Sentinel without his helmet, he had a generic human face