What in game resolution I should choose ?

Hi guys

I am having a 24’ 2K 144hz screen, and I am wondering what in game resolution I should pick from video settings.

I assume I should pick the same 2k resolution but @ what FPS? Since we have a bunch of FPS settings under the same resolution.

Is there anyone who knows it? please help, ty

Not an expert, but I simply select the screen rez to either match my monitor, or lower to improve frame rate, but I always leave the Hz the same as my monitor is capable of.

As your monitor can run 144hz then I’d select the same Hz in the options, My monitor runs at 2560x1080 @ 200hz so that’s the setting I select. If the game isn’t running as smooth as you like then adjust the normal graphics settings first.


TY for your reply. wow, just wondering would it be possible for the game to reach 200FPS under 2K resolution. I am using 7700k with 1080TI graphic card, but still the game can only reach around 80FPS with ultimate settings.

What video setting would you compromise in the first place to raise the FPS?
It’s interesting I found my game runs smoother with 80fps under ultimate settings than 100fps under mediocre settings.

Possibly on/during the loading screens etc, I’ve seen some silly numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

First settings I’d turn down would be Shadows then Reflections, Shaders and Particle effects

The smallest resolution possible. I think I use 1280x720 or whatever the smallest 16:9 option is.

Is that a troll answer? :rolleyes:

Resolution is probably the single most important setting there is in regards to picture quality.

If you want a blurry pixelsoup go on, lower the resolution. More reasonable people lower shadow-and lighting settings for a relatively high performance increase at nearly no loss in visual quality.

In all honesty, I don’t see how most people can even tell the difference above 60FPS. I think its really the other settings that impact your ability to view things once you get above 60fps.

I could be wrong with the new 4k+ screens coming out, but I agree with the comment that its better to have smooth gameplay at 80 then ratchety gameplay at 100. I think folks put too much emphasis on fps when there are a good dozen different video settings that impact the video quality.

Yes and once you have turned off the shadow and still want an increase in performance, you reduce the resolution. That’s literally the first thing I do in any game.

Yeah it’s at some point useless to squeeze out more frames, because our eyes and brain can’t process it anymore. I’m not exactly sure what the magic number is, but remember that not too long ago television was limited to 24 fps and nobody seemed to care.

Thats a horrendously bad idea, really. :frowning:

Everything that doesnt run on your monitors native resolution is bound to look blurry,pixely and crappy. Theres usually a plethora of setting you can tweak before you should even think about lowering resolution.

In Grim Dawn, once you have fiddled with lighting (the most important one) and shadows you can lower the settings for anti-aliasing and particle effects. Disable post-processing stuff next. Then go for everything else. Touch texture quality and resolution last.

I play games that are interesting, not beautiful. It’s ok to play on low quality. You might feel bad for me but that’s how I play most games :smiley:

Plus I can just imagine stuff if it’s not shown properly. Look how sick Dungeon Keeper 1 looks.