What is considered "elemental" as damage

Hello fellow Grim Dawners.

I have started my first witchblade build but I am not sure whether Acid, Poison, Chaos are considered “elemental” as far as damage goes?

My common idea of elemental is: earth, fire, water, air.

So probably Acid and poison are linked to earth and thus considered “elemental”.

I don’t know about chaos though. :rolleyes:

Correct me if I am wrong please.

Elemental is 33% each of Fire, Cold and Lightning.

100% Elemental Damage means 100% Fire/Cold/Lightning damage.

30 Elemental Damage means 10 Fire/Cold/Lightning damage as stated by jiaco.

I didn’t mean amount/quantity but TYPE.

So, Elemental damage is only Fire, cold and Lightning then?

That rules out poison, acid and chaos.

Thanks for the explanation.

Yep :smiley: if you want more info the Game Guide has a lot of handy info. Link to the Combat page regards types of damage etc.

Hijacking this thread to ask something related to elemental damage.

How does conversion Works for elemental damage on stuff like blessed steel? Does it corverts 10% of my physical damage to fire, ice and lightning, or does it splits the conversion between them (3% for each element)?

3% for each element.

Cool, thanks.

Another related question.

So if I am using cadence as main attack and I also plan on getting Solael’s witchfire + consecrated blades, do I need to use Discord or is it a waste?

Complete and utter waste. Chaos is just chaos and you boost it with +% chaos damage. It is not a part of elemental.

Edit: To break it down for you, cadence + 3/3 discord + solael’s + 3/3 consencrated goes like this: Say you do 100 physical damage with cadence. 50% of that physical damage gets converted to elemental, so 50 phys transforms to 16,67 cold, 16,67 fire and 16,67 lightning damage and you boost them with +% cold, fire and lightning. Consencrated converts 15% of that original 100 phys to 15 chaos damage, and you boost that with +% chaos damage.

Witchblade is very phys/chaos/vitality oriented, focusing on cold/fire/lightning damage would be extremely inefficient.

Great explanation. Bunch of thanks Crank. :cool:

If you have 100 base physical damage and a modifier that converts that to elemental, you would end up with an even split between fire, cold and lightning damage. So now the 100 physical damage will instead hit for 33 fire, 33 cold, and 33 lightning damage simultaneously.

If you have say 50% physical damage converted to elemental, the same base 100 physical damage will now be 50 physical, ~16.7 fire, ~16.7 cold, and ~16.7 lighting damage and now +physical damage modifiers will only apply to half of the original 100 damage while the elemental half will be influenced by elemental modifiers.

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