What is Set Template in DBR Editor?


I’m wondering what this is for: https://i.imgur.com/FvUglGz.png

Basically when I modify my DBR it seems that it’s pointing to NPC.TPL from the default files

But is this normal? When I will eventually pack my mod, and someone opens it without having extracted the assets using assets extractor, will it lose dependancy and crash? What will happen? Or is it just something used in DBR manager and has no impact when building/packing/playing the mod?

How do I manage this?

Thank you for your help,

Not sure what you are asking. I assume whether someone has to have an extracted template to play the mod. The answer to that is no, the same path is valid within the database.arz or your mod’s .arz file. This does not rely on the existence of such a file outside the .arz.

Is what normal?..

The templates are only used for modding, the game doesn’t need these unless you somehow invent a new one. If you do create a new one you’ll have to include it in an .arc file with the same path.

You have nothing to manage from your screenshot, you’re just posting generic stuff.

Set Template allows you to change the template of an existing DBR file to another one (or, more commonly, see what an existing DBR file is using for a template). Any common fields will be carried over, but all others will be blank.

The template is used for the pre-/build process, but is not required for users to utilize the resultant .arz file for the database.

There’s no real reason to use the “Set Template” function outside of experimentation, though, or for correcting a mistake.

You can also use custom / renamed templates to apply some sort of obfuscation to them so other modder will have a harder time loading your dbs in the dbr editor as they will have to change the paths back to the correct ones by hand, assuming they know which one they have to use.

Seems like only very few people ever find this function to be the source of all evil in mp/border modding. If that’s the only use you could find I’d recommend you to go back and try again, you might find a whole new world of modding possibilities. Actually I’d say it’s by far the most powerful modding functionality the dbr editor offers…

to change pet scaling pets to player scaling pets, best use of it.