…as in Raise Skeletons = 19% at 26/16.

Chance to spawn a particular kind of skeleton, of the four available.

Thanks, which kind of a skeleton does the 19% refer to?

Guess it’s revenant.

Definition of spawn weight:

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Wait Spawn weight? I read it as, what’s the Spanks weight and almost choked :stuck_out_tongue:

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Then 19% is way oupie

ya0 m1ng is a big dude…

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Again stick to the topic folks. If you want to make corny jokes then use Off Topic section of the forum.

Spawn weight basically starts at 85% for regular skeletons and 15% for archer skeletons and the more points in the skill you have up to 26 the less chance of regular skeletons and the more chance for arcanist / revenant skeles to pop… the total percentage won’t go above 100 though. So think of a roll of 1-100 for spawning stuff. You can start spawning all 4 types of skeletons at rank 13


1 = 85% warrior, 15% archers: total of 100%

6 = 66% warrior, 34% archers: total of 100%

11 = 48% warrior, 38% archers, 14% arcanist: total of 100%

16 = 24% warrior, 38% archers, 24% arcanist, 14% revenant: total of 100%

21 = 21% warrior, 33% archers, 29% arcanist, 17% revenant: total of 100%

26 = 19% warrior, 27% archers, 34% arcanist, 20% revenant: total of 100%