What is the background color of mythical items?

I don’t have the expansion, obviously, but grimtools show them as purple. Are they purple? If they are, why don’t the devs pick a different color if they are a higher tier than legendary items?

Gray -> White -> Yellow -> Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Red/Orange

It gives a more potent dopamine spike only this way :cry:. Dopamine is important!

They are purple.

No idea why they didn’t change the color for mythicals, I would assume that they are the same color because they are still legendary items and not a new tier of items entirely.

Because they are not a higher tier than legendary items. Just like empowered epics aren’t a higher tier than epics.

There are some mythical epics too by the way. https://www.grimtools.com/db/search?query=soiled&in_description=1&exact_match=0

I’d like to bring this back up and ask for a different background colour for Mythical items. Just having the name “Mythical” typed in front is both harder to distinguish quickly and simply not as satisfying.

That’s the toppest of tiers - I want it to look like it too (doesn’t need to be too flashy). Almost like a trading card game might have their fancy borders or shiny backgrounds or something.

The biggest problem is simply there’s only a limited number of colours/effects that can be used because otherwise it causes problems with the colour-blind settings.

Mythical items are not any kind of better items. They’re just upgraded versions to fit level 100. For example, Leviathan is level 75 mace, while Mythical Leviathan is the same item, but upgraded to level 94. The color of the name resembles its rarity, rare is green, epic is blue and legendary is purple. There’s no other kind of special item.

This. /10char

Not sure I understand why Mythical versions of legendary items simply cannot have anything but text signifying their power. If it’s not worth the time I get it but from the looks of it Crate wouldn’t want to change their looks anyways.

I know there is the colour convention that exists right now, but just having some extra text for the strongest items in the game feels a little lacking to me. How about a white stroke or something around the drop, or even just in the menus. Eh…

Signify what power exactly?

They are Legendaries and so they are colored like Legendaries.

A level 94 Mythical version of a level 50 Legendary is budgeted equally to a level 94 non Mythical Legendary.

The only difference is that one has a level 50 version and the other only has a level 94 version.

Mythical / non-mythical doesn’t need a different color, IMO. What could need a different color is the MI rares: after green, perhaps a different type of green, showing it still rare, but a different kind of rare.

This would then enable us to pick MIs out of loot selection: showing only MIs and up.

My 2 cents.

Yeah that , would be good to have MI’s have their own colour gradient .

With mythicals atm you pick one up and its not all that , compared to the non mythical . You change the colour to blood red and have sparkles and rainbows flying off it you are gonna be like OMG whoop , pick it up and find out it’s actually worse than the non mythical version I would feel even more let down than when I do it now :stuck_out_tongue:

The potentially subtle background colour, or stroke, or symbol or whatever could signify things aside from power or item “tier” or “class”. It can just represent “Mythical” status…exactly what the basic text “Mythical” and the typically better statistical values do right now in a somewhat mundane way.

I love this game so I’m just throwing some ideas out there.

I also like the idea of MIs having some visual detail showing it’s not simply a random drop rare.

MI colour isn’t being changed, Zantai’s already said that in another thread.

The main reason MIs are not changing color according to Zantai is because of color blind people.