What is this green thing and how to get rid of it?

I tried to increase the lighting, lower it back to “low”, tried some other stuff that I already forgot about but it’s still there. I hadn’t had it before FG.

What is that? It appears in certain locations and the color varies, it doesn’t persist all the time.

Have you tried weather effects?

It might be the Fog.

Maybe you’re going blind :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a classic video card haunting. I recommend exorcism.

Appears in areas with the most aether. I actually don’t get that because i’m using lower settings, so i don’t know which setting removes that.

This is caused by the post processing video option.

Tried, nothing changed.

I’ll check that the next time I open the game, but my settings didn’t really change after getting FG, and I didn’t have it before.

Are you talking about the general aether-colored haze on-screen? If that happens outside of AoM DLC or outside of areas where there’s heavy Aetherfire, then it might be an issue but I always have that green haze when going through the DLC (cause, you know, everything’s on Aetherfire).

I’m also running with everything maxed, so it’s likely a graphics option as others have mentioned.

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