What is wrong with my build?

I am trying to build 2h vitality cabalist.

But, every time when I encounter with a star marked boss (hero boss?),

I will almost die.

I think vitality damage does not regen my health. My health always regens by constitution.

This is my char (AoM is exist in this profile):


Actually, I have tried cabalist first time. Before that I used nightblade in my every profile due to that class has some skills which I love so much such as Pneumatic Burst (with Breath of Belgothian), Shadow Strike and Ring of Steel.

So, should I continue cabalist build or can I make duel wield nightblade build for hardcore ultimate if it is possible?

you dont have enough dammage and ressis but at level 13 there not much that you can do.

So, what is your suggestion?

Should I continue the cabalist build, or start frest duel wield nightblade?

Is it possible to build dw nightblade (with another class) for ultimate difficulty?

Which one is safer: cabalist or dw nightblade builds?

Pretty much, yeah.

If you are playing on veteran, try playing on normal a while, until you get better gear. Hero mobs being hard is normal at this level.

Couple of things that might help:

Respec the points out of Occultist and concentrate just on Necromancer for now.
Speccing both masteries isn´t very useful this early on. Use components! A Hallowed Fang in the weapon is pretty neat. Devotion: get Bat and bind the proc to Ravenous Earth. That should help with survivability.
Be patient. :wink:

I would advice you to put all your points in physique and try to get blood of dreeg asap
Also, damage-wise you are spread too thin
A good idea may be to max out skills and take other ones after that
For now I would suggest maxing bone harvest and ravenous earth but prioritize blood of dreeg over ravenous earth

Edit: I went afk while writing my reply so I missed tsue’s advice
In my personal experience taking two masteries this early in the game is completely fine, as long as you don’t go for too many skills and prioritize defense OR go for skills that deal large amounts of damage
That said, tsue’s advice is just as good and I would certainly take the component and devotion advice to heart

Oh, and cabalist and DW NB are both “safe” options, just build up a good balance of skills, gear and devo

If they are all dead and you are not…don’t sweat the rest too much. :smiley: That said some advice:

Dealing Vitality damage alone does not regen your health, its just like any other damage type.
What will help is some attack damage converted to health. You can find this on jewelry and weapons, check the vendors. You don’t need to go crazy 6% will be enough so look for 2x 3% pcs. You’ll find its not uncommon on later vit dmg items and some of your skills will heal a ton later on so don’t worry.

Put Roiling Blood in everything it goes in early on for the OA and Polished Emeralds in everything else, with a decent weapon, preferably a steel breech-loading rifle or steel 2h axe without a lvl req and an attack speed suffix cribbed from your main if you have one :smiley: but if not just get the highest dmg weapon you can find with attack speed on it. I’m pretty sure you could do the first 2 acts like this without even spending a skill point if you were so inclined but I’d advise you drop your next 2 points in Bone Harvest, 4 points in this will wreck everything in the first 2 acts. Drop the other in Blight Fiend or Hellhound, it will make your life much easier early on to have him take some of the flak, you can spec out of it once his usefulness fades and you’re more self sufficient.

Oh the advice given above about Bat is solid too, you really want Bat. :wink:

Look at maximising one or two damage types and synergies across skills and equipment - at the moment you’ve got loads of different ones and the build doesn’t have a focus

A problem i see is you use too many skills atm. At early levels its frequently better to focus a single skill - a 5+ point sigil will do a lot more work than 3 points in spectral binding, one in ravenous earth and one in sigil. Get a single skill up to an effective (or even overkill) level and then diversify later.