What is your farming route?

Just curious what your farming route is.

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For general loot, SoT -> PV -> Hives -> Krieg -> AG -> Cronley’s -> Endbosses (Logh, etc.) -> Straggling Nemeses that I haven’t encountered in that route yet.


Take your pick. :rofl:

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Thanks. Got a guide on superbosses? Like location and how to start them / steps?

Superbosses are static, same location evey time. Bourbon, Lokarr, Callagadra, Crate of Entertainment.

Yeah I dont know where they are or how to do them besides mog and ravager. Never did John lokarr and whatever else is there.

Secret quests for Bourbon, Lokarr and Crate. Calla hangs out in the Korvan Sands not far from the riftgate.

No links guides on any of them?

Yeah, do a search.

SR 65-66 for weaker characters, group multiplayer 75-76 over and over :rofl: