What now? Just finished my first characters set

So I am just curious, as the title suggests I finally got my first toon to 100, finished first set somewhat , was finally able to kill Lokar by kiting him quite bit. Can farm most zones pretty reliably. I’d love to try some new builds but do I need to just farm for set pieces first on this character? Its kinda wierd to think I would use one character to gear another?

If so whats some good places to farm for set pieces like Octavius for example? Also do I need to farm FG expansion zones in order to get FG recipes?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated for this newby.


What do you mean “can farm most zones”? Can you

You do not need to do anything man, either play chars self found or let them change gear with each other. You make the rules.

Octavius set is random drops man, no special place where it drops. High waves of Crucible and shards of Shattered Realm and Rogue-like dungeons net good legendary / time rate.

read section “where can item X drop” regarding “FG” items

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Awesome guide bro, thanks.

Almost all legendary items are random drop. So you may find items for your own build or completely different. So I can suggest to farm whatever you like, dungeons, Crucible, Shattered realm. And then decide based on drops, what character to make next :slight_smile:

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