What other type of game would you like to see from Crate?

2nd this opinion!!

I think they could make a really nice old school puzzle shooter with the same attention to lore and horror elements.

I’d sign under that. :smiley: Also, you can’t patent mythology…

An open-world RPG (Skyrim style) based in the Grim Dawn universe would be great, but I would think for a small studio it would be hard to pull it off.

Other than this, I would probably buy anything from crate, even a small turd to go in my front garden.

You can tell they are passionate and true to their ideas. Not sellouts and greedy corporates like most gaming companies today…

How will it work?

Feels like the genre is conflicting each other.

Main problem I have with Kingdoms of Amalur is the movement system which is some what restrictive. You can only jump at certain spot that the game says you can jump, you can only perform aerial combo only if it is a fixed move in the combo.

Which is why I prefer Darksiders 2 which has true freedom of movement offered by an action game like DMC.

Would like to see someone create the same type of game again but with deeper character customization and better loot. The unique and legendary in Darksiders 2 are mostly pointless as they are either too weak or just… pointless.

play any given MOBA…

Nordic should hire them (Crate), or team up with them to make it - with GD’s engine or something like that.

Expansions and more expansions but a truly wet dream would be a mmorpg with deep lore and mysteries. I think Grim Dawn would be a excellent setting for a mmorpg. Unfortunly that would really require a big development team.

Funny thing…reminds me of a tech demo I saw not long before the studio closed where we were shown work-in-progress on KoA2 and the added ability for the character to jump. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well.

Still salty the studio got closed, KoA was pretty fucking good.

What this man said!

Because I still hold out some hope that one day it might happen, even it’s a very small chance.


An open world rpg similar to the Elder scrolls would be nice as i haven’t seen anyone who can challenge bethesda’s throne. I know of course that such a feat is impossible for a small studio because you need a huge team working on scripting and programing, animators, concept artists, writers etc.

With that said, i believe they can do well with a good cRpg like Pillars or Eternity or Baldur’s gate. A huge emphasis on dialog and the lore of Cairn, an engaging combat system, lot’s of choices, a small roster of interesting companions and we are set to go.:stuck_out_tongue:

Can you like “accidentally” leak it for me to have a look? I promise I won’t tell anyone about it.

And I’m salty THQ collapsed, I want my Space Marines and Darksiders 3.

Arpgs please, Arpgs!

iirc it’s been confirmed they’re working on Darksiders 3. I quite enjoyed the 1st 2 hoping it’'ll be even better and that they’ll improve the graphics no more 1998 looking textures please :smiley:

I would be interested in a cRPG, or a game in the vein of HOMM 3. However, I think they could do great stuff with whatever they do.

I support this idea but they should totally get the rights from Sam Raimi to use Ash as the protagonist transported back in time and space to the world of Cairn.

I would pre-order the shit out of that platformer.

I would be very excited if Nordic does not look so clueless about what to do with all the IP.