What second class for a dual pistol build?.

So far I’m level 53 demo only dual pistol build, going 1:1 spirit cunning with little phys.

Starting elite and I can kill most things fast, but, no second class yet.

Since attack speed is a must stat to have maxed I was thinking on going Nightblade for PB, but still can’t decide, dont want to ruin my char since I know I wont start another one from scratch. Already got a Blademaster and Conjurer pet build, both a lot less progressed than this one.

So, suggestions?. I’ve been reading for a while but seems like everyone has a different opinion about the build, some go Pyromancer maxing phys, some choose Comando…

No idea.

Going Arcanist is another option… spirit/OA scaling through Inner Focus, survivability through Maiven/Eorectes, and a very capable CC/fire resistance debuff with Olexra :slight_smile:

Would be my choice.

I’d go with Arcanist as well - adds some good offensive and defensive options to your build.

Occultist is also very strong - Solael’s Witchfire gives you loads of attack speed and chaos damage, which is perfect for a DW pistol build as Brimstone also gives chaos damage, and as part of the focus of the build is attacking as fast as possible (to make use of the insane flat damage in the firestrike line), it is a perfect buff. Also, blood of dreeg is a nice heal with nice extra heal regen and more importantly, OA, up to 138 at 16/16.

Of course, Arcanist does give a load of % spirit and OA, along with some nice buffs (IEE -> overload to get the % elemental damage to buff the fire/lightning from firestike, Maiven’s sphere of protection for the tankiness, Mirror for the panic button), along with Olexandra’s Flash Freeze, which not only serves as screen-wide epic CC, but also reduces their fire resist by 100% at max rank, vastly increasing the damage that you will deal.

Nightblade, on the other hand, doesn’t have quite so much to offer (in my opinion). The total speed from PB is great but again I think Occultist has more to offer in that department, and while Blade Barrier is nice, I think Mirror is better (after all, you can attack whilst in Mirror).

As for Shaman/Solider, I wouldn’t bother IMO. They have some nice things but I don’t think you’d get the most out of them.

Occultist or Arcanist.
I prefer Occultist, because of Brimstone and the Chaos damage, better synergy, Solael is very good for that and give you a nice attack speed bonus.
Arcanist gives you some nice tank/defense solutions, but Devotions can do that for you.