What specs does it take to run this game with 60fps ALL the time?

I love the game,but for me the performance can be annoying sometimes. Generally it runs pretty well,but in moments when there are a lot of enemies (for example plains of strife) the game start to drop frames down to 40-50.

Now 40-50 isnt that low,but the game feels extremely choppy during those drops and I cant seem to find a way to fix these drops. I know the game is build with the TQ engine and I remember I had similar issues with TQ sometimes back in the days,so it might be engine related,but there are a lot of other players with no issues at all.

I mostly play the game on the lowest settings possible (sometimes put shaders and texture quality to medium),but no matter what I still get the drops from time to time.

Now my specs arent the best and I am thinking about upgrading sometimes soon,but it shouldnt have any problems with this game on low settings.

i5 4460 3,2ghz r9 270 2gb 6gb ram win 7

What does it take to make this game run on 60 fps ALL time,even when the whole screen is pretty much covered with effects and enemies,or is this simply impossible with this engine?

I don’t think it’s possible. Maybe I7 with a 980ti or something but I don’t think so. The engine has it’s limitations.

I’m not complaining though. They did a great job with what they have.

I’m running it full max settings on a 4K screen with a 4690k and 980ti. It’s at 60fps for the vast majority of the time but occasionally judders a bit and the fps drop, though this seems to happen around rift gates and with the odd environmental effect, rather than when there’s lots of monsters. I suspect it’s down to the game engine.

I’m running an amd FX8350 and dual GTX970’s in sli and even in just 1080 maxed settings I get frequent frame drops from 60 to 30+ when it gets busy on screen, so I’m guessing it’s limitations as well. :undecided:

Edit… Most of the time the fps drops are only really noticeable because I had the fps counter on, it’s only on the very odd occasion for me when it gets close to 30fps that I notice it without having the counter visible.

No idea. I’m running a fairly stable and dependable rig, not top-of-the-line, but it can run most things at higher settings, no problem.

I thought Grim Dawn was running really well for days, and didn’t even think to check the FPS, but I just ran into three (non-quest) bosses at once towards the end of Act 1 (…or what I assume is Act 1), and was being absolutely swamped in corpses.

It was fun as hell, but daaaaamn did everything slow down. My worst enemy at that point was probably the fact that I was fighting through syrup.

It would be interesting to see the game actually drop certain features, or scale them back, when the FPS gets too low, since it’s so uneven in the game. When the syrup-y moments come, it’s specifically because there’s a ton of stuff going on and a mountain of enemies, so I’m less likely to notice shadows getting worse, while I’d be more likely to want things to look super-pretty when I’m not swimming in innards.

Just a thought. No idea if it can be done.

I recently bought and put together a new rig.
i5 4690 (3.5ghz), Nvidia 960 4gb, 8gb RAM (DDR3) and my FPS drops to around 30 when there are about 10 enemies on screen.
I even dropped some options from High to Medium but it didn’t help (like particles and lightning).

I play on Fullscreen and have Vsync and Triple buffering on. AA and AF only on 2x.

I would love if this game ran well on this rig on 1080p …

Yeah I tried lowering the detail levels. And for the most part it runs fine on high with a gtx970 on an I5. Between 80(a portal) to 144(anywhere else) fps, silky smooth.

It’s just that as soon as there are mobs on the screen doing anything it drops down to 30-40 fps. The difference is just way too big.

If anybody can tell me what option I need to turn of to fix that, then please enlighten me.

I have a 3770k @ 4.5ghz with a GTX Titan (first version) and I run at 144fps pretty much solidly with everything on max. With recent builds, I don’t think that I have ever seen it go below 60. Since I use Gsync, I turn off V-sync and triple buffering. Gsync helps a LOT with smooth framerates below 60 fps.

In fact, I have to cap the FPS at 60 if I don’t want things to get too hot.

Are there any particular areas in the game that suck for you? I remember the burning grove in Titan Quest always hurt my FPS until my current rig (also, Titan Quest @ 144fps is amusing).

I’m using an Asus Rog laptop and it runs smooth on the highest settings.

I run it on my laptop at max settings, vsync on, 1920x1080 at a constant 60 FPS

i7-4810MQ, GTX 980M

You can check at this site. http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri

Yes, anything with monsters in it that do anything (apart from portals obviously, they always suck).

That’s interesting. I found that my Titan Quest performance (portal in particular) was dramatically increased by going to solid state. Not sure if that would help your monster problem or not.

Also do you have v-sync and triple buffering turned off? V-Sync can do terrible things to your framerate if it falls below 60fps or (God help you) 30fps.

I did a bit of testing last night with fraps. I ran around and killed things for a minute and then plotted the results. The framerate stayed between 120 and 60, although it was very spiky, for sure. Luckily, I have both a g-sync monitor and a system that almost never drops below 60, so it’s really not all that noticeable for me.

Given the temps that my system reaches after a couple of hours of play at 144fps, I have a feeling that GD’s engine is strongly CPU bound. My i7 3770k is overclocked to 4.5, which is a full 1ghz above its spec. I wonder what would happen to my FPS if reset it to factory?