What tabletop role-playing games are you playing?

In general I watch less and less movies in the theatres, partly due to being busy with GD and pen&paper RPGs, but also due to films having become less entertaining.

Which P&P RPGs? :slight_smile:

Made an on-topic thread.

  • I have been playing in two DSA campaigns (The Dark Eye). The first one has been running for over seven years and we play once a month.
  • I recently started Splittermond, which I believe was made by former DSA authors and players.
  • We also play Symbaroum.
  • And we have another group where we try different RPGs: Keltia, Traveller, Vampire, Star Wars and next up will be Trudvang.
  • Last but not least we sometimes try FATE and fail in doing so.

Nice. :slight_smile:

Currently I have no time for actively playing but I´m a collector for years now. Deeply in D&D (tons of material here from every edition) I have Splittermond, Cthulhu, The One Ring and many more, too.

Wondering if you are posting in the Online-Community/Forum called Tanelorn (www.tanelorn.net).

No, we have our own little website https://rpg.thornet.de/

Right now I’m running a 2e Warhammer Fantasy game.

eisprinzessin, I see your Symbaroum and raise you Trudvang (just got delivered last week), the old Drachar och Demoner finally translated in English. EDIT: LOL, I see you are trying Trudvang soon!

We also hope to play some of the Modiphius Conan this year.

Trudvang Chronicles is nice indeed.

There are several Kickstarters, I´m waiting for. For the moment I´m reading Down Darker Trails - Terrors of Cthulhu in the Wild West. Reminds me of Grim Dawn Act 2. :cool:

I just recently started playing 5E with 3 different groups. In the first I am a player, but I do not know the campaign name. In the other 2 I am the DM trying to get people in the game with the starter campaign. Having a blast thus far.

Though now the DM of the first group is saying that he does not like to DM haha. (he played different campaigns but this is his first time as a DM) So he asked me if I wanted to take over.

Do you guys know a fun campaign for a group of 5 not so experienced people (4 players)? We have 1 experienced player, me who plays with 3 different groups but all just for a bit, and 3 completely new players who only play with that group and never played before. (next time would be the 4th session)

You already played Lost Mine of Phandelver from the Starter Set?

If you want a really good adventure take Legacy of the Crystal Shard. It´s not strictly 5E but easy to convert.

From the 5E Modules I would recommend Curse of Strahd (if you like Horror) or Storm King´s Thunder. I haven´t completely read Tomb of Annihilation.

Yes, I run Lost Mines of Phandelver for the other 2 groups. So I really wanted to try something else for this group.

Thank you for the tips! I think I will take a look at Curse of Strahd as I really like horror :smiley:

I used to play some d&d from base tsr version to advanced and i stopped at 3.5 cause 4 was not a rpg anymore and i don’t know about 5.

I tried call of chthulu but even if i loved Lovecraft as a writer i don’t think a lovecraftian setting is functional to a rpg cause if you have to be loyal to what he wrote everything just makes you mad at its mere sight.

Sadly now i don’t play pen & paper anymore. We’re getting old i suppose…

To Cthulhu:
Strictly peaking, you´re right. But there a few Cthulhu Games which are slightly different in these matters. I´m thinking about Pulp Cthulhu or Achtung! Cthulhu. Trail of Cthulhu is another really great game.

I am running two Star Wars campaigns using the Fantasy Flight ruleset as well as Pathfinder’s Iron Gods adventure path and a Dungeons and Dragons 5E campaign.

Call of Cthulhu, despite taking its name from a Lovecraft story, and sticking the word ‘Lovecraftian’ in its byline, well, it’s not strictly speaking true to HPL. Which is a fine thing.

Lovecraft himself disavowed any notion that his stories necessarily took place in a shared universe, unless explicitly stated in the stories. The guy who’s responsible for that conceit, as well as coining the term ‘Mythos’ is Wisconsin’s own August Derleth. And there are many, many more writers who wrote along similar themes, including several who wrote before Lovecraft, including an Irish bloke named Lord Dunsany, and a crazy Texan called Robert E Howard.

Frankly, getting away from Lovecraft purity is fine thing. He was a crazy, paranoid bigot who believed in miscegenation and white supremacy (wonder how he and Howard got to be friends, lol). Not enough credit gets spread around to the other writers, especially from the past 50 years or so.

CoC is one of my all-time favorite tabletop games. Yes, it can be brutal on characters, but sometimes I like games like that. Hell, I’m a Warhammer Fantasy fan as well.

As I said, you can always play Pulp Cthulhu or some other Cthulhu-themed RPG.

Warhammer Fantasy…well, a new version is coming this year. And now I will finally buy it!

Totally looking forward to 4e WFRP!

I’m not looking for other Cthulhu games - I love CoC! I just wish Chaosium would back off the Lovecraft branding (and I’ve told them as much, but they’s a bunch of crusty Midwestern grognards). There are LOTS of authors in that genre.

Well, CoC is nice without a question.

Here in Germany we have a very active publisher and so I got a lot of RPG-books from them. Have a lot of old classics, too, likke Horror on Orient Express or Mountains of Madness.

I like Cubicle 7 and I´m happy that they bring WHFRPG. They have really good RPG Products but sadly ended their Cthulhu-line last year.

Nice to know the bug didn’t just bite me recently.

I’m currently trying to get the time free (and convince some newbie players) to GM a Savage Rifts campaign.

I’ve also been homebrewing an EABA v2 based game around SCP material (using EABA CORPS setting as the basis). Probably won’t have any luck getting that to table in my area though due to the learning curve. But maybe if the table enjoys the Savage Rifts, I might be able to lure them.

Of course, if I get the free time I’d also really like to veg out on Grim Dawn for a bit.

The Legend of Drizzt lately.
I got Cavern Tavern on Kickstarter, pretty fun to play.

Going to pick up 2nd Ed Mouse Guard soon…

Video games have become very dull and disappointing. Was glad some friends contacted me saying they were trying to get a DnD 5e group going. But the DM and such as realllly slow as doing his thing. Instead I DM 2 groups of 4-5 players each with, almost weekly, play sessions.

Campaign 1 - Tiamat Themed
Started with Sunless Citadel and going into Forge of Fury. Followed by Red Hand of Doom and Rise of Tiamat. After that who knows. Since the first 8-9 levels will be in the Elsir Vale I’ve been spending a lot of time on world building and adding side content and stuff to make it feel more alive and interesting.

Campaign 2 - Underdark/Spiderqueen themed
Lost mines of Phandalver with some adjustments. The Night Below and then City of the Spiderqueen

Thing is… I really want to play instead of only DM. Can’t find a 5e group in my timezone that plays during the week days.